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Losing Weight When It Rains

By Vita Man

If you were planning to come to Miami for a spot of sun catching, now is not the time, unless you are a duck of course, or some other amphibian creature.

You see, it’s been raining solidly in Miami for what it has felt like weeks. We are surrounded by countless weather systems assaulting our beautiful state from all corners and whilst this excess of water has got to be good news for the State’s water reserves, it’s really not what fun seekers in Miami are usually looking for. So no trips to the beach unless you live across the road from one and are prepared to run fast at the sight of the first drops, and certainly no boating outings either.

Fitness enthusiasts who pound the streets of Miami on their daily jogging routines and other outdoor exercise folks must look elsewhere for their daily supply of fitness sweat and adrenaline, and what better place than their local gym.

But whether you exercise in the open air or indoor, one thing is certain: there is a good way to do it, and unfortunately a bad way, and my guess is that for most of us, the latter is the case! Unless of course you are willing to follow the advice of a famous bodybuilder who in thoughts provoking book shows us the secrets to a healthier, fitter body.

Called “Burn the fat, feed the muscle” this book is truly a page turner and will reveal methods and secrets that will absolutely astound you.

This books is packed full of advice and how to methods on how to restore your body to its original intended optimal health! It is the guide for acquiring a life changing knowledge that will take you safely along the path of fitness and better health. After all, who better that a body builder to know what works as far as methods of exercise, and optimal nutrition.

This is not pompous book either. There is no unnecessary scientific jargon used throughout its page although the writer is truly an expert in his field.

About the Author: Find out for yourself the secrets of a healthier body by following the advice of world reknown bodybuilder. Learn how to lose fat safely. Find out how to achieve weight and fat loss and most importantly, how to maintain it!

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Weight Loss With Hypnosis?

by Rene Graeber

Now that the New Year has come in like a lion, it is time to finally, take charge of the excess weight, getting your body in the best shape ever. While eating right and hitting the gym are two options for losing weight and keeping in shape, you can also turn to the power of hypnosis. Many people have good intentions when it comes to weight loss but getting started is the hardest part. With hypnosis, you get that push in the right direction needed to reach and maintain your goal.

The interesting thing about hypnosis and weight loss is that losing the extra pounds is actually much easier than expected. You have probably heard about the failures and dangers of crash diets. Sure, people will lose weight initially but then within a few months, put it right back on. Therefore, the top doctors in the country tell people to lose weight slowly for the ultimate and longest lasting results. With hypnosis, you can lose weight healthy and slowly, learning how to eat properly so you get the weight off permanently but in a good way.

The interesting thing about weight loss with hypnosis is that you are retraining the subconscious mind. That means you are learning and changing past behaviors; accepting new behaviors that will help you eat healthier and have an interest in working out in the gym. In other words, through repetitive and positive suggestions given by a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist or even through self-hypnosis, you begin to learn new habits. Therefore, the formula for success with weight loss is actually easy. In addition, the formula you use that proves success never changes.

If you are tired of going round and round with your weight problem and want to make this New Year different, really want to change, permanently, you can. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that works exceptionally well for people just like you, people interested in losing weight while having the opportunity to build healthy habits. This natural weight loss plan is something you can use any time and best of all, hypnosis is 100% safe.

Through positive suggestions, exercise can become a part of your weight loss plan. If you dread spending time in the gym before, you will now find yourself eager to work out. The change you see with hypnosis is gradual, which ensures the weight loss is natural and more importantly, lasting. As mentioned earlier, the most common problem with weight loss is that weight comes back because the loss is so fast. However, by using hypnosis to change behaviors or habits, the changes come over time and the results stay.

Keep in mind that hypnotherapy can help you lose weight and then keep it off in a number of different ways:

• You will develop a new self image, seeing yourself as a thinner, more healthier person that makes you want to achieve the goal of weight loss

• You will learn how to relax about weight loss and weight management, stressing less, which can have better results. Often when a person becomes stressed, they use food as a crutch.

• You will become positive about the process of weight loss and weight management whereas before, you might have seen the process as something negative. Hypnosis will retrain the mind to view the entire process much differently.

• You will be creating your future as a new person. You will feel better about yourself, and that confidence lets you work toward other goals pertaining to family, friends, work, hobbies, and so on.

Typically, when a person uses hypnosis to lose weight, they find themselves moving in a positive circle, being happier, stronger, and healthier individuals. The things that can do to the mind are incredible. Suddenly, the weight loss and exercise all makes sense and as the weight begins to drop off, life takes on an entirely different look, all for the better!

Joan Winthorp is a fitness and nutrition expert. If you ever wanted to know if the Low-Carb-Diet works or does not - than the website at and was written just for you.

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How To Use Weight Loss Hypnosis CD's or MP3's To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

 by Margarethe de Clermont

Losing weight is difficult. Keeping it off is even more of a challenge. So how come some people manage to do so apparently effortlessly? What is their secret?

Have you ever set a weight loss goal and not achieved it? Most people have. In fact, it's quite common for people to get stuck in an endless cycle of setting weight loss goals and then quitting them shortly afterwards.

Why do people do this? One of the biggest reasons is a lack of commitment to their goal. Without commitment a goal will gradually shrink in importance, and the temptation to quit will seem much more attractive, especially when obstacles cause setbacks and delays.

If you've ever given up on a weight loss goal in the past, you may remember a heavy feeling of defeat creeping into your body and mind. Even though you wanted to succeed, circumstances just seemed too difficult or you experienced setbacks that caused uncertainty about your ability to do it.

Have you ever asked yourself what would have happened if you hadn't given up?

Many people fail to realize that if they just kept fighting for what they wanted and refused to give up no matter what, they eventually would have succeeded in losing the weight and keeping it off!

No matter the obstacles you face when in pursuit of your weight loss goals, the one thing that can keep you motivated is a rock-solid commitment to fight for what you want. That means refusing to give up or give in. It means never letting up on your efforts to stick to your diet, no matter how many setbacks you may experience. It means getting up and dusting yourself off when you fall - even if you fall a thousand times!

But how do you develop this unshakable determination? How do you stay focused on your weight through the challenges and setbacks? There is a secret way to stay motivated to succeed no matter what happens.

The secret of lasting motivation to reach your ultimate weight loss goal is simply to make a firm commitment. Every day. Several times a day. If you make that commitment just once, at the beginning of your weight loss program, your commitment will wane. This is the secret strategy that is rarely mentioned.

Making a weight reduction commitment the first time is easy. You're already feeling motivated and inspired to reach your weight loss goals.

Things might go smoothly for a few days, or even weeks, and then you hit a snag. It might be a frustrating setback, or a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. If you have renewed your commitment every day you will be able to overcome this obstacle.

If you simply keep committing to continuing toward your weight reduction goal regardless of the obstacles that get in the way, you can't be stopped. Think about that! It's actually very inspiring when you look at it from that perspective. The ONLY WAY you can be defeated is if you STOP TRYING!

Practically speaking, what does a daily commitment involve? The easiest way to keep your motivation to lose weight sky high is to listen to a motivating or weight loss hypnosis CD or MP3 (or even a selection of weight loss hypnosis CD's or MP3's) regularly. It doesn't take long, doesn't cost a fortune, is easy to order or download and can be listened to in your own time, where and whenever it suits you.

At the end of the day, no one can achieve your weight reduction goal for you. If you want to lose weight, you'll have to find the determination necessary to keep going. Use a weight loss hypnosis CD or MP3 to keep your commitment alive. The more committed and determined you are to making your weight loss goal happen, the more likely you'll do just that.

Dr M de Clermont wrote several weight loss articles, "The Papillon Weight Loss Program" e-book and edits the Gorgeous Gourmet Newsletter. Interested in a weight loss CD or MP3? Find out more at

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Weight Loss Hypnosis - Altering Your Mind With Hypnosis To Simplify Weight Loss

by John Howard
Results of the recent studies conducted on the effect of hypnosis found that hypnotic therapy can be used successfully to reduce obesity if used in combination with exercise and diet control. This was called as Weight Loss hypnosis. The reason for the failure to shed body weight in majority of cases will be the lack of will power to follow a strict low calorie food habit and regular exercise.
If you are a person who wishes to control your body weight to the permissible limits of a healthy life style you should be ready to sacrifice many things that you are enjoying now. It includes food and lazy life style that you are now following with no space for exercise.
As many of us think it is not easy to shift into such a life style by a person who has been enjoying careless life with unrestricted food style and no exercise. That is the reason why most of the people drop their decision to shed weight in the midway before they achieve their goal.
Hypnotic therapy can be used to season a person's mind for adopting new habits that include low fat limited food and routine exercise. Hypnotic therapy, that can be used as behavioural therapy can be adopted for injecting the will power to stick on to the decision taken by the person to reduce the obesity.
This can be achieved by giving positive suggestions to the subject who likes to fight against the problem of obesity by the hypnotist while he is subjecting him to hypnotic therapy as a part of the treatment for obesity.
Both British Medical Association and American Medical Association have already approved the power of hypnosis in fighting the problem of obesity. But it should be practised by a qualified and experienced hypnotist to get result from the treatment.
In a nine week clinical study conducted on two weight management groups of persons who have undergone the weight loss treatment reveals the truth. The group that was using weight loss hypnosis to get results from the treatment showed greater improvement while the other group that was not using hypnosis showed no further progress in the treatment.
To get maximum result from this combination treatment for shedding weight the patient undergoing therapy should be ready to cooperate with the treatment mode that include hypnotic therapy. If he is not willing to accept the positive suggestions from the hypnotist he will not receive any benefit from the treatment.
For your free course teaching you exactly how to learn hypnosis and all the finer points of mastering the art of hypnosis, simply go to

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5 Simple Ways To Lose Weight

 by Joey Dweck
Losing unwanted body weight does not have to involve prolonged workout sessions at the gym or self-defeating fad diet regimens. In fact, most people find that without a sustained lifestyle change, any weight that is lost during a period of diet or extreme exercise is gained back once the activity is no longer practiced.
If you would like to lose pounds and keep them off, then you need to invest in a lifestyle adjustment. By altering only a few important patterns in your diet and exercise routine, you can literally lose weight without much effort. Here are some tips to help you quickly drop those extra pounds:
1. Walk for 30 minutes each day. Walking is not only a stress-reducer, but it is also more effective in inducing fat loss than a 30-minute jog. Here’s why: running helps you burn calories and quickly tone leg muscles because of the repeated flexing and force exerted on the leg muscles. However, because running increases the heart rate to aerobic levels, the heart rate also drops quickly once the activity has been stopped.
Walking, however, increases the heart rate to the fat-burning level. Any activity performed at the fat-burning level will have a longer-lasting impact. Thus, while you might flex and strain your muscles less during a 30-minute period of walking, the heart rate will stay elevated for a longer period of time.
2. Cut the portion in half. Whether you are eating a cheeseburger or plate of fries, divide the dish in half. If you are tempted to nibble on more than half, then give it away to a friend or have it wrapped up to take home (if you are dining out). Cutting your meal in half will not only decrease your calorie and fat in take dramatically, but it will help your body to become accustomed to smaller portions of food.
3. Get a full night’s rest. Many people find, and most doctors know, that getting a full night of undisturbed sleep not only leaves you feeling energized for a new day, but it helps your body metabolize your food much more efficiently. When they body is in the resting state during sleep, it actually works much harder to process energy than if you were to sit on the sofa watching the television. Furthermore, if you are fully rested, you will be more likely to take on projects with more vigor and energy the next day (which will help you burn more calories.) So go on – get those zzzz’s.
4. Call your mother. And take care of other items on your to-do list before they pile up. Undue stress has a very negative physiological effect on the body and contributes to fat storage in the cells. By reducing small amounts of stress in your life, you can quickly and simply reduce fatty deposits on your body, especially in the stomach area. So go ahead: call your loved ones!
5. Drink plenty of liquid. Liquid hydrates your cells and helps them push harmful toxins through your body more efficiently. By drinking plenty of liquid, such as water, juice and even tea, you will help your cells function at their best without much effort at all.
If you drink tea and coffee, be aware that they contain caffeine, which can increase your metabolism while it is in your system, but tends to slow your body down once it leaves. Caffeinated beverages should always be consumed with an extra glass of water to ensure that you do not end up depleting your body of necessary liquids.
To ensure that your lifestyle alterations become lasting, practice them with friends and loved ones. Adjusting to any changes can be easier if you have a friend with whom you can share the journey and help to keep each other on track.
Author : Joey Dweck is the Founder & CEO of a website committed to 24/7 support, expert advice, and helping people find a buddy(s) who will support their effort to lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. And it's all Free. Sign up for the Free 4-Part E-Course “Losing For Good”

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Caralluma Fimbriata - A New Natural Weight Loss Aid

 by Bill Herren

You are likely to be seeing a new ingredient in some weight loss supplements by the name of Caralluma Fimbriata. Caralluma Fimbriata is similar to hoodia in that it is a natural appetite suppressant.

Caralluma Fimbriata is said to be a vegetable that is used daily in tribal India. It is eaten in several different forms and it is said that it is used by tribesman in the same way Hoodia is used in other parts of the world – Tribesman will consume it before a long hunt to curb the appetite.

A company named Gencor Pacific USA has created a brand called Slimaluma ™ which is a standardized extract of Caralluma Fimbriata. Caralluma Fimbriata already has some studies behind it that makes it look very promising in the world of weight loss dietary supplements.

If you have tried Hoodia and did not have any success, you may want to try Caralluma Fimbriata before giving up on an all natural appetite stimulant. Currently there are not many products on the market containing Caralluma Fimbriata but I suspect that will change in the near future. We will probably start seeing combination products which contain other well known weight loss supplements such as green tea, Citrimax, and Chromium.

Remember that weight loss supplements usually target different areas. Some are considered fat burners, some inhibit the absorption of carbs or fat, and some are appetite suppressants. Caralluma Fimbriata is for people who want help in controlling their appetite.

We may see Caralluma Fimbriata combined with ingredients designed to burn fat, absorb carbs, etc. Keep in mind what your goal is before purchasing a weight loss supplement and you will probably not be disappointed with the results. It appears Caralluma Fimbriata will be affordable and the dosages will be reasonable. It appears that dosages are going to be around 1 gram per day. The manufacturers will probably recommend divided doses throughout the day but be sure and follow the directions on the bottle.

Bill Herren is the webmaster for bringing Top rated diet weight loss supplements and weight loss ebooks

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How To Choose The Right Weight Loss Supplement For You

How many people who struggle to control their weight are actually seeking ways to get enough nutritional value from the foods that they eat, instead of just trying to do away with calories?

Most people to not get the proper nutrients they need to stay healthy while dieting. Even though we change our eating habits and make better food choices, we sometime eliminate those foods that contain the vitamins and minerals we need most. To prevent this from happening we can add a weight loss dietary supplement to our daily routine.

Taking a daily weight loss vitamin supplement, in conjunction with a well balance diet and exercise, can give the body what it needs to fight off most illnesses. Just remember that there are risks involved with these types of supplements due to the fact that they contain substances other than vitamins and minerals. The best thing to do when adding weight loss vitamins to your diet is to consult a physician, or other healthcare provider, and educate yourself on the different supplements available.

Weight loss vitamins are a supplement and should not replace meals. Also, a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian could help decided what would be the best supplement after taking into consideration health history and current state of health. There are quite a few on the market and they come in a variety of forms. For those who are not all that interested in taking pills, there are powders and energy bars. Another thing to think about is the type of medications that you may have been prescribed by your doctor.

People who do have conditions that require medications should find out if the supplement they choose has any adverse reactions. This can be done by searching the internet websites or contacting organizations that compile information on various weight loss supplements. If you choose to consult a dietician or nutritionist, it is best to let them know what medications you have been prescribed.

Also, different people experience different side effects. Find out what the risks are for a particular supplement and if you experience any one of them, call your doctor right away. Make sure that you do not take these supplements in place of other medications prescribed to you. Doing this could have adverse effects. Also talk to a doctor about taking weight loss vitamins if you have just had surgery or plan on having surgery.

Dieting is viewed as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But denying the body the vital vitamins and minerals it needs to ward off illness can do just the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. Weight loss vitamins can help prevent that from happening. Just remember to choose them wisely. Talk to your doctor, or healthcare provider, before taking anything and do your own research.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as weight loss supplements at

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Green Tea Diet for Weight Loss

by Galia Ivanova

Green Tea has a long history, but I am sure everyone is aware of it, and is already bored to death reading about it. That’s why I will skip the past and go to present days. I will keep only the Chinese people’s green tea experience for later on in my article.

What is Green Tea Diet?

A Green Tea Diet is the regular intake of green tea. You may take green tea as a drink, pill or weight loss patch.

Health benefits of Green Tea Diet

Although green tea has been used for more than 4000 years in China for treating a wide variety of ailments, I will list some recent medical and scientific researches into the health benefits of green tea diet in short:

+ anti aging effect
+ refreshing effect
+ lowers high cholesterol levels
+ lowers blood sugar level
+ promotes dental health

Clinical tests have shown that Green Tea:

+ prevents cancer by inhibiting the growth of new cancer cells and killing existing ones
+ lowers high blood pressure and prevents hypertension
+ lowers risk of atherosclerosis
+ protects the heart and prevents cardiovascular disease
+ thins blood and prevents thrombosis, which is one of the causes of heart attacks and stroke

Green Tea Diet also helps you:

+ protect against Alzheimer's disease
+ prevent rheumatoid arthritis
+ improve insulin sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetes
+ improve immune system defenses to fight against viruses (such as flu)
+ promotes dental health

What makes green tea diet so special?

It’s all about the great antioxidant effect of the green tea extract. Green tea extract is one of the best natural antioxidants with extremely powerful and potent antioxidant components. Green tea takes 5th place in the list of the best antioxidants.

The antioxidant effect of green tea extract is due to the green tea flavonoid polyphenols (also called bioflavonoids) that protect your body sells from the damaging free radicals. Those free radicals are result from metabolism and have bad oxidative effect that can seriously damage your body cells.

The super antioxidant - Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)

The polyphenols EGCG antioxidant is the most powerful compound of green tea extract. It is 100 times more potent antioxidant than Vitamin C and E.

Clinical tests have shown that EGCG inhibits the growth of new cancer cells and kills some existing ones without damaging the normal cells. EGCG also may prevent thrombosis, which is one of the causes of heart attacks and stroke.

Green Tea weight loss

To get rid of fat you either need to lower you food intake (follow a diet plan), or increase your energy expenditure (do exercising).

The green tea weight loss effect is due to the EGCG antioxidant that increases energy expenditure and accelerates fat burning. That makes Green Tea Diet a very smart choice for all people who hate strict dieting, or are tired of starving, or everyday exercising.

Green tea weight loss diet is a great way for everyone to lose weight easily and naturally, without any negative side effects.

For more information visit our green tea blog There you will find information about GreenTea300 weight loss system.

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Green Tea's Interesting Affects On Weight Loss

by Roberto Bell

Losing weight has been a worldwide concern today that many are in search for the most reliable and safest ways of shredding body fats and thereby achieving optimum health and great physical conditions. But since most of the faster commercial ways of losing weight has had known adverse side effects, many individuals are relying more and more on the more natural and safer methods of losing weight. Drinking green tea is among those tried and tested way, whereby individual dieters can opt to do to achieve their weight loss objective. Green tea extracts have been found to be an effective agent for reducing weight. Despite its caffeine content, the good polyphenol content of green tea balances the effect of too much caffeine intake due to frequent green tea intake.

Researches conducted about the benefits of green tea tea intake have been carried on worldwide but most specifically in China and Japan. Among the findings of these researches conducted through the years, the beneficial effect of green tea on weight loss has been greatly highlighted. This weight loss benefits was attribute to the polyphenol contents of most tea leaves. Polyphenol are substance that serve as antioxidants, anticancer and antiviral. In the case of green tea leaves, there is a predominant existence of a polyphenol called catechins, a good substance which triggers the body to burn calories faster which in turn promotes faster reduction of body fats. This weight loss reduction benefits are manifested in various ways and means.

One of the ways by which green tea affects weight loss is by speeding up metabolism. By boosting metabolism, calories are easily burned and most of these calories are not stored in the body as retained fat, hence preventing weight gain. So even if a person eat high calorie food, and drink green tea afterward, most of these calories can be burned by green tea, hence making sure that ample supply of calories is retained in the body. Another way by which green tea promotes weight loss is by regulating glucose intake after eating. When glucose intake shoots up after meal, this promotes fat storage. But with green tea intake after meal, fat storage is effectively reduced by regulating the movement of glucose into fat cells. Green tea slows down the action of the enzyme called amylase which is aids in breaking down starches or carbs. Once this starches are active. Blood sugar after meal rises. Also, green tea affects weight loss by reducing appetite. Since blood sugar is regulated when eating, a person's appetite is greatly reduced because of this. Lastly, many drinkers may have not noticed it, but substituting green tea for their regular caffeine dose through regular coffee, they are reducing their sugar intake and hence freeing their body system with a good amount of calories which are later on converted into body fats.

Aside from these ways by which green tea affects weight loss, it should also be emphasized that green tea is natural product and contains no artificial ingredients. Because of this, our body system will have no problem digesting it and utilizing its nutritional value. The antioxidant characteristics of green tea make it a very beneficial drink for everyone.

Despite these benefits, there are still other non-believers who are worried of the caffeine contents of green tea and think that too much of green tea might lead to caffeine overdose. Luckily for these non-believers, green tea, if taken in moderation and in regular intervals has no side effects on the body, whatsoever. The caffeine content of green tea is offset by its nutritional value and antioxidant characteristics.

So, green tea is a proven safe way and that should be incorporated into everyone's diet. It is good for both the diet and health conscious individuals. Green tea can either be taken in its natural form or through variants such such green tea patches and ready made green tea drinks. But then of course, green tea should just be used as a supplemental aid in achieving diet loss. Proper and controlled diet, coupled with a good regular exercise plan should also be practiced in order to achieve that unreachable weight loss goal.

Read more about weight loss, creatine, hoodia, fish oil, and green tea.

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