Friday, August 15, 2008

Fit Over 40

I have local Combat Endurance Training classes - a home based fitness course designed to use one's body weight to improve core strength and better fitness in general. There's a 7 pm class on Monday and Wednesday and a 5:45am class on Tuesday and Thursday morning. There's a large number of folks in both classes.

I'm finding it very exciting that I have many people in the over 50 year old age group. It seems that there is a growing number of people who are realizing that they are going to be on the planet for quite a number of years, barring any detours, and they are opting to spend their golden years in good health and feeling strong and healthy. What a great decision.

Health and fitness is a lifestyle. It may be difficult to get to a class or get out of bed in the morning but it's good to think about the results if you make the sacrifice. Good health, good attitude, and looking forward to each day are wonderful things to strive for. Disciplining yourself to do the things necessary to have them is a life style choice that will reap you tremendous rewards.

I had another wonderful surprise a while back when I got an email from one of my Karate schools saying that an old Karate acquaintance of mine was in town and had left his phone number. This gentleman is a highly respected Black Belt who really was a role model for me as I was coming up through the ranks in the martial arts. He and I have always been friends and I immediately called him and brought him back to my house to meet my family.

The old times and old stories began to flow and I reminded him of the story that he had told me many years ago about his grandfather who made it a habit to walk on his hands across the kitchen floor and back every Christmas. He said that he remembered seeing his grandfather do that when he was 80 years old. His grandfather told him as a young man that being healthy is free and easy so it's a good idea to take care of your health. His grandfather lived to be 97 years old.

Choose to be healthy. Choose to do the things that others may not have the desire or commitment to do. The good choices that you make to stay healthy will continue to reward you as your years move on.

Make good decisions about your health,

Fred Nicklaus

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