Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weight Loss: Diet?

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Why Are You Waiting To Start A Diet?

By Hamilton Erridge

If you are someone who went for years ignoring your weight gain and not doing anything about it, can you think of a reason why it took you so long to attack the issue? Or, in simpler terms, why did you wait so long to do something about your weight problem?

As insensitive or lacking in understanding as this question may seem, this is actually something that my wife asked me a few years ago.

Of course, what makes it so funny coming from her is that she is someone who has never had a weight problem and cannot even remotely understand what it's like to overeat on a continuous basis or use food to handle stress or cravings.

Now, what she meant by her inquiry is actually very specific. Allow me to explain: From the perspective of someone who doesn't have a weight problem or any eating issues, she treats her own weight as something that needs to be handled from time-to-time.

Meaning, if she puts on a few pounds and feels that her clothes are getting tight, she simply cuts back on her eating.

So, in viewing the world from her perspective, it's literally impossible for her to understand how I could have put on 100 pounds over an extended period of time without ever stopping along the way to do something about it.

The question really has nothing to do with a single event in my life or a call to action, but it's more related to why I didn't stop the insanity along the way. Why did I choose to ignore the problem and allow the weight to build up over time?

And it is this simple question that really allowed me to get to know myself better. It allowed me to come to terms with the understanding that I wasn't necessarily ignoring the problem, but more that I was ignoring the causes.

Meaning, I personally used food to handle stress and to comfort myself. And it wasn't until I was able to get a grasp on these concepts that I even had a chance at losing the weight and keeping it off. In addition, what makes having these issues truly unique is that as an overweight person, we all literally carry our issues with us.

So, when I had reached the point of being 100 pounds overweight, it was my own personal breaking point of knowing that things had become out of control and that I needed to figure out what was going on.

In fact, what was truly funny about the process is that I started losing weight without even having a clue as to what was going on in my life to cause me to be overeating so much.

But, like two worlds that almost immediately collide, the act of dieting and the need to comfort myself had very little room for one another.

So, it was with great pain that I was able to come to terms with my own issues and carry on. However, do not think for a moment that my issues or your issues are so black and white. Meaning, they are often shades of grey, including overeating, comforting ourselves, dealing with unhappiness, and an overall lack or non-existence of exercise.

In fact, this question is often the easiest to answer for those that do have identified problems (stress or comfort eating). However, for those that have not come to terms with their own issues yet or truly put on weight because of bad eating habits or a love of food, this question can be incredibly difficult.

In many ways, whether you have issues or not, the truth is still the same. We all put on weight over an extended period of time, watched it happen in the mirror and did nothing about it.

To an outsider, it can all seem very crazy. But, to those reading this and having lived this experience, it's a very real thing and can also be equally confusing with hindsight.

But in working through this puzzle, it is also one of the biggest steps forward that you can make towards your own understanding of yourself and long-term success.

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How Can We Lose Weight - Live It Or Diet?

By CD Mohatta

Why is it as we age, we get heavier? I feel like if I just look at food, I gain weight. I know many people in mid-life have these feelings. We start getting bigger and bigger and before long, we find that we have become plump or even fat. There are some things that we can do about gaining weight but the two main things to remember are basic to losing weight.

Can you think of the two basic things that are needed by anyone trying to lose weight? They are simple things that we always did as youngsters. They were like second nature to children to run around, playing, and eating small amounts of food at every meal. Eat less and move more. Somewhere along the line, as we began to age, we forget to follow that advice. Children always remember it.

All the advice we ever hear to "lose weight" is to go on a diet. But dieting is not the way to really lose weight because we don't want to "die" it; we want to "live" it. If we just learn to eat less food, push ourselves away from the table, stop eating when we are satisfied or measure our portions, we would be really surprised about how much food would be left over after a meal. We just need to quit eating so much!

Before we sit down to eat, or even while we are eating on the run, we need to drink a big glass of water (or bottle of water if you are on the run). Filling our stomachs first, with water which contains no calories, will make it easier to feel full quicker. Once we sit down to eat, we need to remember another important step, which is to eat slowly, so our brain has time to receive the message that our body is getting nourishment. A good way to eat slowly is to put your fork down between bites.

I think all of us are used to having our meals "super-sized". I'm not sure if that is because we think we are getting a better deal or we just actually like to eat, but many people don't even know what a single serving is anymore. I have heard weight loss experts say to skip the second helping and use that food for a smaller meal a few hours later. Plates used to be the size of a dessert plate, which is why the food serving size was more realistic. Our "super sized" mentality now has us eating off plates the size of a serving platter.

The second important part of losing weight is to jump start our metabolism. The best way to do that is to just get moving by doing some kind of exercise. The easiest way to get exercise is to walk. Walking for enjoyment is a fun, easy way to boost your metabolism and you can walk either outside in nature or inside at malls. Another idea is to park away from work or shopping malls so you have to walk. When you walk more, you can really burn off the extra weight. Try taking the steps next time instead of an elevator.

Try to modify your food intake and eat less. Also try to increase your energy level by doing more activities. Have fun doing things that burn calories, like when we were children and soon we will be a smaller size. Remember, it took a lot of time to put the weight on, so don't be impatient and get frustrated if it doesn't come off fast. You will be successful when you learn to "live it" and get healthier by eating less and moving more. And try to make friends with healthy and lean individuals. That will motivate you to lose weight faster.

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