Monday, January 25, 2010

Rihanna’s Diet and Weight Loss – how she made a complete transformation

Author: Casey Mcphee

Many celebrities have realized the importance of having a healthy diet and being involved in physical exercises. Having a healthy diet, according to Rihanna is to eliminate carbohydrate from her meal plan. Rihanna is among the celebrities who made a complete transformation. When asked about her weight loss regimen, she was quick to admit on working out and trying to eat healthy.

The type of diet that Rihanna follows is Low-Carbohydrate. It eliminates foods such as bread and pasta. In two separate studies, volunteers who had low-carbohydrate diet reduced more weight than volunteers who had low-fat diet after their 6-month long clinical studies.

Rihanna believes that a low-carbohydrate meal plan is helpful in reducing cravings and losing weight as the quickest rate. It consists of fast and easy low-carbohydrate meals utilizing ordinary foods. People who take delight in healthy low-carbohydrate while losing fats quickly will be compatible with Rihanna’s weight loss diet.

However, prior to the commencement of her meal plan, people are encouraged to know the following points:

1. Reduce sugar content from the diet. Foods and beverages such as soda, sweetened drinks, fruit drinks, cookies, cakes, and candies should be eradicated.

2. To keep the energy level high and to avoid getting hungry, it is recommended that people eat meals and snacks every 4 to 5 hours.

3. Avoid eating processed foods as much as possible.

4. Drink water between meals, preferably two glasses. If flavored waters are chosen, select sugar-free. You can even create your own by adding a lime or orange slice to plain mineral water.

5. Have a daily supplement on vitamins and minerals.

To give an idea on what foods, she eats every day; Rihanna gives a sample menu for one day. For breakfast, she eats egg sandwich with cheese, meat or egg plus orange juice. She also drinks soy protein drink and munches on low-carbohydrates breakfast bar.

At lunchtime, she enjoys having grilled chicken sandwich and garden salad that uses 2 tablespoons of low-fat salad dressing. Her dessert includes frozen and low-calorie lasagna entrée and apple. Rihanna’s Deli sandwich is filled with 4 ounces turkey, roasted beef, or ham. The sandwich itself is whole-grain bread topped with oil and vinegar or mayonnaise. Her vegetables for lunch are lettuce, tomato, and ½-cup three-bean salad.

When dinner comes, 3 ounces of roasted chicken, ½ cup of pasta salad, 1 cup sliced tomatoes graced Rihanna’s dining table. She used balsamic vinegar and drinks 1 cup of skim milk. Another choice is to have a Chinese take-out of 3 ounces chicken breast combined with 1 cup of stir-fry vegetables and ½-cup rice and 1-cup skim milk.

Diet alone is not very effective in weight loss. Exercise must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Weight training and cardio workout are the perfect combination to boost the metabolism.

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