Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Viagra moisturiser that shrinks waistlines

Zagreb, April, 02: Scientists are on their way to provide double bonanza to women looking for healthy skin – a moisturiser containing Viagra that could resolve cellulite issues.

The drug sildenafil has had mixed success as a drug for women, but according to Croatian researchers incorporating the stuff into a moisturiser could open up a whole new market, reports New Scientist.

Beneath the skin surface is a layer of fatty tissue that is thicker in women with cellulite than those without. The distinctive "orange peel" dimpling pattern associated with cellulite comes from this fat layer and an irregular layer of collagen beneath the skin.

According to Karmela Altabas and colleagues from the University Hospital "Sisters of Charity" in Zagreb, Viagra has two things going for it as an anti-cellulite treatment.

First, enzyme inhibitors like sildenafil had been shown to break down fat in test tubes, so it might do the same to fat deposited under the skin. And since Viagra famously boosts blood flow, a moisturiser containing the drug might break down fat and then whisk it away.

Though no Viagra cream has been made yet, Altabas stresses that his proposal is "just a hypothesis," and would need a lot of investigation from pharmaceutical companies, if any are interested.

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