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Lose Weight with the South Beach Diet

Rapid Weight Loss Tips - Lose Weight with the South Beach Diet

By Carrie Reeder

It's the American Dream: "If I could just lose a little bit of weight..." The problem for many Americans is that they fall quickly into the trends. They've tried it all: the workout videos, the "as seen on T.V." gadgets, the low-carb cookbooks, the three-day diet, celery, melons, and green tea. The problem for many is that without a serious change of lifestyle, “fads” is all there is. In reality, the only way to lose the weight and keep it off is to change your lifestyle.

The South Beach Diet is a unique way to not only jump start your weight loss program, but also develop healthy eating habits that will continue to help you lose weight, and most importantly, keep it off. The place that a lot of diets and programs fail is with the promise of fast weight loss. Most of these plans can deliver the results that their subscribers expect. The problem is that once they have seen the results that they want, they fall back into their old habits and the weight quickly returns.

With the South Beach Diet, there are three clear stages to help you build a healthy program, whether you are obese, or just a little bit overweight. During the first stage of your weight loss program, all carbohydrates are restricted. This stage lasts for only two weeks, after which (during stage two) restricted items are slowly introduced back into your diet. During the first stage of the South Beach Diet, you can expect to see a weight loss of about eight to fourteen pounds.

During the second stage you will continue to lose weight at a healthy rate of about two pounds a week. The final stage is called maintenance, and is not just a weight loss program, but a way of life.

With this transition into maintenance, you will have built a new lifestyle that will not only combat obesity, but will help you to maintain a healthy way of life. The South Beach Diet is not just a fad for those who are looking to lose ten pounds of water weight. Anyone can use the diet to build and maintain healthy weight loss goals, and keep off extra pounds. There are tons of valuable resources online, including recipes, how to plans, and tips to make the healthy transition from your current eating habits to the South Beach Diet. In a matter of minutes, you can have all the resources you need to lose weight, feel more energized, and be on your way to an all around healthier lifestyle.

There are many products available to help you lose weight. There aresupplements, diet plans, programs, systems and online diet monitors that will help you manage your eating habits and measure your weight loss progress. Some of these companies provide support and help with your dieting program. We can help you by providingyou with a free list of our recommended best sources for effective weight lossproducts and services. To view our list of recommended sources to help you loseweight with the South Beach Diet or other diet plans or to readmore articles about dieting visit:

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The South Beach Diet Cookbook

From Publishers Weekly

Cardiologist Agatston (The South Beach Diet) follows up his blockbuster book on weight-loss with this volume of more than 200 recipes, a number of which are culled from the kitchens of chefs in Miami Beach and other cities. Each recipe is designated as Phase 1, 2 or 3 to help readers discern the segment of the diet for which they are appropriate. Carbohydrates are off-limits during Phase 1, but "good carbs" (like whole grains) are gradually reintroduced in Phase 2. Phase 3 segues into a less restrictive but still healthy eating regimen. Among the Phase 1 recipes are the simple Reuben Wrap (which calls for cabbage leaves instead of bread; the author notes readers "will have to have a 'rye' sense of humor for this"), as well as more complex main dishes such as Coconut Chicken and Sage and Rosemary Pork. Phase 2 and 3 eaters will find delicious options such as Sesame Baked Chicken, Crab Royale and Couscous Salad. Noting that a variety of foods and recipes combats the repetition and boredom that are many dieters' downfall, Agatston presents a wide array of choices, with plenty of enticing fish and vegetarian dishes. He also includes breakfasts, snacks and desserts, as well as ideas for home entertaining "South Beach-style" with a focus on fresh veggies, fat-free dips, shrimp and nuts for appetizers, and main dishes of grilled tuna or flank steak. Agatston leaves no stone unturned, even providing shopping lists and recipes for homemade condiments that forgo sugars.
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Product Description

Since its publication in April 2003, The South Beach Diet has become a nationwide phenomenon: a #1 New York Times bestseller with more than 700,000 in print in three months. A key factor in the diet's success is the great-tasting, well-balanced meals Dr. Agatston promotes. In fact, requests for more recipes began pouring in as soon as the book hit the shelves! The South Beach Diet Cookbook fills that need by offering more than 200 recipes that adhere to the diet's nutritional principles without compromising on taste. Beginning with a brief overview of the science-based eating philosophy and why it produces such dramatic results-up to 13 pounds in the first 2 weeks-the book also includes success stories, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions. The fabulous recipes, from Whole Grain Pancakes with Berry Cream Syrup to Filet Mignon with Tomatoes and Rosemary to Chocolate-Hazelnut Flourless Cake, ensure that The South Beach Diet Cookbook will appeal to anyone who wants to eat more healthfully (and who doesn't?). And for every dish there is an indicator as to which phase of the diet it corresponds, so followers can choose appropriate foods. Also included are new recipes contributed by prominent South Beach chefs and by readers themselves. Illustrated throughout with full-color photography, The South Beach Diet Cookbook will satisfy the needs of the thousands who are already on the plan and draw in thousands of new followers as well.

The South Beach Diet Cookbook

South Beach Diet High Protein Cereal Bars, 1.23-Ounce Bars in 5-Count Boxes


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Product Description

The Maple Nut Cereal Bar is a great tasting cereal bar made with wholesome ingredients and designed around the smart nutrition principles of the South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet is a delicious way of eating based on lean sources of protein, whole grains, vegetables, unsaturated fats and fiber. And now, eating the South Beach Diet way has just gotten easier. I'm proud to join with Kraft to introduce South Beach Diet foods. Together, we're committed to changing the way America eats. South Beach Diet Cereal Bars have three times the protein and 25% less sugar than leading cereal bars! (Based on comparison to average of top 3 cereal bars). South Beach Diet Cereal Bars (per 35g Serving): Protein - 10; Sugar - 7. Leading Cereal Bars (per 35g Serving): Protein - 3; Sugar - 10. South Beach Diet Phases 2 & 3 recommended. 140 Calories. 10g Protein. Artificially flavored.

South Beach Diet High Protein Cereal Bars, 1.23-Ounce Bars in 5-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)

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