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The Flat Belly Diet May Be One Of The Best Diets Ever!


Sick of carrying around extra pounds? Its time to get rid of them, using the all-new Flat Belly Diet. This new diet may be one of the best diets of all time, as it is easy to follow, healthy, and a plan that you can follow the rest of your life.

You may have heard about it on Good Morning America. Or, a friend may already be raving about it. It's the amazing new diet called the "Flat Belly Diet". The reason you've heard about it is because ... it works! Even better, it's simple and easy to follow. What better way to lose the extra pounds you gained over the Holidays?

The diet was created by the folks at Prevention Magazine. It was created by Prevention magazine's Editor in Chief Liz Vaccariello and Nutrition Editor Cynthia Sass. A number of dieters have raved about the diet. For example, one 46 year old lost twelve pounds in just over a month ... and over 11 inches!

The mantra of the Flat Belly Diet is "A MUFA at every meal". What's a "MUFA" you ask?

A MUFA (MOO-fah) is a term that nutritionists have used for years. It's an acronym for "monounsaturated fatty acid" ... the "good" kind of fat. A MUFA is a type of heart-healthy, disease-fighting, "good" fat found in foods like almonds, peanut butter, olive oil, avocado, even chocolate. MUFAs are an unsaturated fat, and have the exact opposite effect of the unhealthy saturated and trans fats you've heard about in the news. According to exciting new research, MUFAs can actually help you lose weight, specifically around your middle.

According to the folks at Prevention Magazine, a number of studies have shown that a diet rich in MUFAs is linked to a reduction in LDL cholesterol, the kind that clogs up arteries, and a boost in HDL, the kind that sweeps cholesterol out of the arteries and clears it from the body. They can also lower the risk of heart disease and improve insulin.

But that's not all. Not only are MUFAs healthy, but they are also satisfying and delicious in and of themselves. Eating a MUFA with every meal makes sure that you are satisfied, healthy, and don't feel deprived in this diet. Foods packed with MUFAs include delicious foods such as olive oil (use it as a delicious salad dressing), chocolate chips (dessert on a diet? Yes!) These delicious foods (and many others) are what make the Flat Belly Diet different. This is a diet everyone can stick to, and see awesome results.

Here's a brief overview of what the diet involves:

- Start with a Four-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart, and add
- A daily dose of Sassy Water and
- A Mind Trick at every meal plus
- A Four-Week Eating Plan, comprised of
- Three 400-calorie meals a day of your choice and
- One 400-calorie Snack Pack of your choice and
- One daily Core Confidence reflection
- An Optional Exercise Program, plus

The foundation for a way of life you can continue for decades.

The Flat Belly diet centers around five foods that have these good fats in them naturally and those five food groups are oils, chocolate, nuts and seeds, olives, and avocados. You simply need to eat one serving from any of these groups at a meal. All meals should be around 400 calories, enough to curb your hunger but not to stuff yourself. This diet will give you energy and will melt off the stubborn belly fat.

One of the key features of the Flat Belly Diet is its flexibility. The meals and foods have been selected to accommodate our hectic lives. If you are short on time, you can easily assemble healthy and delicious meals without breaking your diet. Many of the meals require little or no cooking. Other meals are more complex and can be enjoyed by the whole family or even guests on special occasions. You can even get creative. If you don't like a suggested meal, mix and match other meals. Flexibility is one reason why this diet is one of the best diets ever!

Learn more about the Flat Belly Diet and some of the other Best Diets ever at www.flat-belly.net.

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Why Should I Eat More Meals To Lose Weight?

 by Thomas Henricks

This may seem like a contradiction, but you can actually double your number of meals per day and yet realize a weight loss.

Yes, you can eat the same amount of food per day and lose weight. The secret is to make the portions smaller and divide that same quantity of food into more meals. Typically you might be eating three meals per day. That is the normal regime for diet conscious people. What you must do is double you number of meals to six.

Your brain is programmed to consume a given quantity of food and burn that number of calories in a time frame that is heavily biased by previous activity. You must not shrug off this fact. Consider the fact that you are having so much difficulty in reducing the quantity of food you consume.

So, how can I lose weight by eating more meals?

I am sure you have said many times "I don't need this, I'm just eating it to eat."
That is a reponse to the strong signals from your brain telling you "You always give me this amount of food and I want it now." Now you know that you are not starving and you know that you have eaten adequately to sustain your body needs for the day.

You still find it necessary to eat more food despite that inner knowledge. Why do you suppose that happens? Doesn't the solution seem easy? Why not just resist eating? Well it's not that simple. The brain has great power and is difficult to change the program.

If the brain has such strong control over our body, why not work with it instead of against it? For the moment we will not even consider trying to change our brain programming and by asking it to accept lower quantities of food.

Let's work with it and give it that amount of food but provide it in more frequent intervals. So by simply doing that, what have we accomplished? We still have not reduced our calorie intake and the body will still have the same raw materials going into the stockroom.

Do you remember the power of the brain? It is accustomed to burning a given number of calories per meal. It remembers that data equally well as it remembers how much food you are providing the body on a daily basis.

The brain is going to try to command our metabolic system to burn the same number of calories at each meal. The key point in weight loss planning, is the fact that you won't be providing that quantity of calories per meal. To satisfy the brain demand that you burn a given number of calories, the metabolic system will seek out and find available calories stored as body fat.

It will then burn off calories that have been previously stored as fat. We all find it easy to accept the fact that the brain is so strong that it stimulates the urge to eat. With that acceptance of the brain's power, we must in turn accept the fact that it also has the power to dictate how many calories are burned in a given period.

So now there must be a valid conclusion here. We can begin losing weight consistantly and never even approach the issue of counting calories.

Now what happens if we tailor that calorie intake a little bit? If we work at it and manage to introduce a bit of calorie reduction along the way, the benefits will be even more dramatic.

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How To Get A Flat Belly With Six Pack Abs

by Chris Chew

So you want to flatten your belly and reveal your chiseled 6 pack abs? It is actually rather simple to do so. I did say simple, but did not said that it is easy. It takes a lot of grit and determination to do so. However, if your motivation is strong enough, you will get there.

When I said it is not easy because there is no short cut to get a flat belly with 6 pack abs. Only those late night informercials can give you fake promises that certain gizmos can help you get a flat belly. If you want an easy way out, then part your money to those advertisers forever and then get ready to be disappointed.

No, even if you perform a trillion sit ups and leg raisers day in and day out is not gonna get you the coveted six pack abs. To get a flat belly you want, you will need to put in some work and get educated with some science.

Here some helpful pointers to help you achieve your flat belly objective and if you stick on to it, you will find that not only will your belly get flatter week after week, you will also reduce excess body fat from all parts of your body and soon, your 6 pack abs will be revealed.

Correct eating habit and nutrition is the most important factor in getting a flat stomach. Therefore you will need to control your blood sugar levels to lose body fat. One way to do that is to consume five to six meals small meals a day. Please note, I said small meals, such as dividing the portion of your three daily meals into 5-6 smaller meals.

Next, reduce your carbohydrate consumption to about 50 percent or less from your meals. Most people eat way too much carbs anyway and before their body can burn the carbs for energy, the carbs would have been converted to glycogen and the further excess carbs into body fat.

Consume your small meals at 2 to 3 hours intervals. This is because when your stomach is empty, your body will tend to conserve fat for energy and by eating frequently. You won't want that to happen right? Furthermore, you will be controlling your blood sugar level to encourage fat loss and you will start to lose weight gradually.

However, if you are still not losing weight, then you are consuming too many calories. In this case, make your meals even smaller by reducing more carbs.

By the first week, you will probably lose between 4 to 5 pounds (about 2kg) of water weight and some body fat. By continuing to eat like this, you should be losing about 1 to 2 pounds per week. If you are losing weight more than that, then you are probably losing muscle weight too. In this case, then increase your carbs consumption a little until you achieve a gradual weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week.

However, if you are not losing 1 to 2 pounds per week, then reduce another 100 calories from your meals. Remember to abstain from sugar laden drinks such as soda and soft drinks as these drinks are chock full of calories. Alcohol consumption is a big fat No No!

Now, when you are losing weight, your belly will get flatter and flatter but you will still need to incorporate exercises into your weight loss routine to burn more calories as well as getting your muscles toned and getting the 6 pack abs. Furthermore, for every pound of muscle you that you gain on your body, you will burn 30-50 extra calories a day. You will then become a natural calorie burner.

Is this get flat belly program easy? Nope, it is not and that is why so few people have flat bellies and tight six pack abs. However, it is definitely achievable if your motivation to have a flat belly is strong enough.

Chris Chew is a fitness personal trainer and author of "Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast". See his websites at Build Muscle Secrets and Weight Loss Hypnosis

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What Is the One Reason You Fail to Lose Weight?

 by Thomas Henricks

A recent, very successful weight loss program has nailed down in very simple terms why you fail to lose weight. It is really quite obvious and simple.

You are eating the wrong foods. That is the short of it! You are consuming the wrong calories and to complicate that issue you are consuming those calories in the wrong order.

To lose weight you must plan the sequence of calorie intake so that those calories get utilized by your natural metabolic processes.

The fable citing "lack of exercise" is just a myth that has been kicked around by everyone from doctors to exercise and health clinics. Food intake is the primary governing factor in your weight loss efforts.

Let's just step back and think for a minute. How have doctors treated the most extreme cases of obesity that require immediate attention to prevent death. They DO NOT place these people into an exercise program. They need to get them thin enough for that "maintenance program" before exercise is even a consideration.

What do they do to resolve the issue?
They cut off the food supply. The only sure and most effective way to guarantee that happens is stomach bypass surgery. This always leads to steady weight loss. Now we don't want to resort to that surgery. That is extreme but it does serve to highlight the real issue.

The food you take in is the culprit! So where do we start? Well, a key factor in the weight loss equation is the fact that you must consume the correct type of food in a systematic sequence so that calories will be burned by your natural metabolic processes.

To lose weight it is counter-productive to allow your body to store those calories in your body. This leads us to a pretty simple conclusion to this point. You must eat the right foods in the right order. It's not really any more complicated than that! It is not effective to simply begin starving yourself and madly dive into some extreme exercise routine.

There is a little talked about principle that will automatically come into play. Your body metabolic system will detect any significant reduction in calories intake and it will then adjust the body's response by decreasing your rate of metabolism and burning fewer calories each day.

That is why you have failed in your past dieting attempts, that's why you always seem to fail when you try and starve yourself.

People are buying more "low fat", "calorie reduced", "non fat" and "no sugar added" products today and yet they are still getting fatter.
Most of the popular weight loss diets are simply starvation programs.

As we have stated previously, your body will try to prevent weight loss due to starvation by automatically adjusting your metabolism.

So what do you need to do in order to lose weightin a predictable and natural process. You simply need diets fashioned that allow you to eat quantities of food that appease your hunger but yet work together with your metabolism to burn those excess calories.

Simple planning which foods should be eaten in what order does accomplish this. You can eat often and you can eat liberal quantities. The secret to weight loss is simply learning which foods you should eat and what order you should eat them in.

You can "eat happy" and lose weight.

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