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Necessary Features of a Weight Loss Program

Manipulating your metabolic rate is the basic aspect of any weight loss program. Unless you are aware of your metabolic functioning it is tough to equate the amount of calories to be taken and also to be given out. This on the other hand is the determinant factor to reduce your weight.
Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
Begin with the Basal Metabolic Rate. You can consider it to be the basic unit of metabolism in your body. Actually the BMR states the quantity of calories your body needs even when it is in the resting position. Thus you can see that the metabolic factor is an ongoing process till you are alive. What differs in various positions of your being is the arte of metabolism. The highest rate of burning will definitely be when you are vigorously undertaking some physical labor.
The weight loss program is keen about the BMR because this is the lowest sate of physical activity and hence the calorie usage is the least. An efficient weight loss program tries to give a boost to the Basal Metabolic Rate so that even in rest you body is capable of burning more amounts of calories. If this is automated you can remain steady with the metabolic rate and the calorie burning process.
Shaping the BMR largely depends upon the muscle tissues. The more is the mass of the muscle tissues the larger is the burning of the calories. Toning up the muscular parts of the body should be a key feature of any weight loss program. Using some instruments in the gym session can do adding muscles.
Hormonal stability
It is good to think direct that weight loss is burning calories. Yet there are some hidden factors that need to be addressed when you really intend to shed off the calories to give a great shape to your physique through a control on the body's mass.
Hormonal stability matters a lot. Even after exercising for hours you might find very low response. Then you will have to find out the other areas of the problem. And mostly it is the hormonal factor and some inherent traits that constantly speed up the weight gain process. You will have to undergo specific treatments to combat this situation along with a weight loss program.
Maintaining consistency
It has been mostly seen that the initial effects of a weight loss program is superb. Gradually the focus seems to diminish. This can never be the right approach. The weight loss program must be in a slow and steady manner helping you out to retain consistency in balancing the weight throughout your lifetime.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weight Loss And Healthy Eating

By Jayne Waldorf

Experts say there are two basic categories of foods that can be considered "keeping it off foods" because they fill your tummy without piling on the calories. They are fruits and vegetables.

The nutrient that gives fruits and vegetables that ‘staying power?’ Fiber. So, if fruits and vegetables are the "keeping-it-off food groups," fiber may well be the "keeping-it-off super-nutrient."

Protein is another super-nutrient. It's becoming more scientifically accepted that protein may help to curb appetite. Protein also offers staying power, and can slightly boost your metabolism in the process. But it’s imperative that you choose your proteins wisely, because like all other foods, if you’re eating more than your body needs, it’ll show up on the scale as a gain, instead of a loss.

The following foods are smart, low-calorie choices that will benefit your weight loss efforts:

Green Tea - Researchers suspect that the catechins (helpful phytochemicals) in green tea may trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and mildly decrease body fat. So indulge in either a hot cup or a nice tall iced glass of green tea.

Broth- or tomato-based soup – Soups can help reduce hunger before meals and increase your feeling of fullness.
Low-calorie green salads - Having a low-calorie salad – which is not defined as one that’s loaded with croutons, high fat dressings, and cheese - as a first course can help you feel full, thereby reducing how much you eat with your main course. Wisely choose your ingredients, and its high fiber content can be the key to helping you fight cravings later in the day.

Yogurt – Including dairy products as part of your healthy diet may promote your weight loss efforts. Choosing a light yogurt may help you fight off hunger pangs due to its combination of protein and carbohydrate.

Beans – A great combination of fiber and protein, beans help you feel full longer, which means they may work to curb your between-meal appetite.

Water – Water is your body’s lifeblood, and you should be drinking it through your day. It’s a great no-calorie beverage, and you can get it by drinking unsweetened tea, flavored unsweetened mineral water, regular water with lime or lemon. In addition to helping flush toxins from the body, it can also help you feel full. So when those hunger pangs strike, try drinking a glass of water before grabbing that snack.

Drinking a glass of water before a meal can also be beneficial to your weight loss program.

High-Fiber, Whole-Grain Cereal - Whole grains in general help boost fiber and the nutritional value of your meal. One of the easiest ways to give your daily diet a whole-grain boost is to have a bowl of higher-fiber whole-grain cereal as breakfast or a snack.

Never miss breakfast if you can help it.It is the most important meal of the day and if you starve yourself your body will slow your metabolism down so starving yourself becomes counter productive.

As your knowledge about Healthy Eating continues to grow, you will begin to see how Healthy Eating fits into the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.

About the Author: Jayne Waldorf served 5 years in the Womens Royal Air Force followed by 15 years as an Administrative Officer in the Civil Service.Today she enjoys spending time on her websites and with her family. She lives in Cheshire England with her husband and has two grown up sons.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 Simple Ways To Lose Weight

by Joey Dweck

Losing unwanted body weight does not have to involve prolonged workout sessions at the gym or self-defeating fad diet regimens. In fact, most people find that without a sustained lifestyle change, any weight that is lost during a period of diet or extreme exercise is gained back once the activity is no longer practiced.

If you would like to lose pounds and keep them off, then you need to invest in a lifestyle adjustment. By altering only a few important patterns in your diet and exercise routine, you can literally lose weight without much effort. Here are some tips to help you quickly drop those extra pounds:

1. Walk for 30 minutes each day. Walking is not only a stress-reducer, but it is also more effective in inducing fat loss than a 30-minute jog. Here’s why: running helps you burn calories and quickly tone leg muscles because of the repeated flexing and force exerted on the leg muscles. However, because running increases the heart rate to aerobic levels, the heart rate also drops quickly once the activity has been stopped.

Walking, however, increases the heart rate to the fat-burning level. Any activity performed at the fat-burning level will have a longer-lasting impact. Thus, while you might flex and strain your muscles less during a 30-minute period of walking, the heart rate will stay elevated for a longer period of time.

2. Cut the portion in half. Whether you are eating a cheeseburger or plate of fries, divide the dish in half. If you are tempted to nibble on more than half, then give it away to a friend or have it wrapped up to take home (if you are dining out). Cutting your meal in half will not only decrease your calorie and fat in take dramatically, but it will help your body to become accustomed to smaller portions of food.

3. Get a full night’s rest. Many people find, and most doctors know, that getting a full night of undisturbed sleep not only leaves you feeling energized for a new day, but it helps your body metabolize your food much more efficiently. When they body is in the resting state during sleep, it actually works much harder to process energy than if you were to sit on the sofa watching the television. Furthermore, if you are fully rested, you will be more likely to take on projects with more vigor and energy the next day (which will help you burn more calories.) So go on – get those zzzz’s.

4. Call your mother. And take care of other items on your to-do list before they pile up. Undue stress has a very negative physiological effect on the body and contributes to fat storage in the cells. By reducing small amounts of stress in your life, you can quickly and simply reduce fatty deposits on your body, especially in the stomach area. So go ahead: call your loved ones!

5. Drink plenty of liquid. Liquid hydrates your cells and helps them push harmful toxins through your body more efficiently. By drinking plenty of liquid, such as water, juice and even tea, you will help your cells function at their best without much effort at all.

If you drink tea and coffee, be aware that they contain caffeine, which can increase your metabolism while it is in your system, but tends to slow your body down once it leaves. Caffeinated beverages should always be consumed with an extra glass of water to ensure that you do not end up depleting your body of necessary liquids.

To ensure that your lifestyle alterations become lasting, practice them with friends and loved ones. Adjusting to any changes can be easier if you have a friend with whom you can share the journey and help to keep each other on track.

Author : Joey Dweck is the Founder & CEO of a website committed to 24/7 support, expert advice, and helping people find a buddy(s) who will support their effort to lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. And it's all Free. Sign up for the Free 4-Part E-Course “Losing For Good”

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A Fit Body Burns Calories and Loses Weight- Pretty Simple

Copyright © 2008 Charles Carter

A common strategy for people trying to lose weight is to focus on calories, so they make calorie burning the biggest aim of all their workouts, with the added goal of being in the "fat burning zone". See our new page on The 7 Steps to New Year's Weight Loss. People often do very long and repetitive cardio sessions — walking or jogging for an hour or more at a relatively low, even level of intensity. But this isn't necessarily the most efficient way to burn off unwanted fat, and it's certainly not the most effective way to achieve and maintain a strong, lean body over time.

To do that, you need to boost your metabolism, which regulates your body's ability to become (and stay) lean. And shifting your metabolism depends on improving your fitness and supporting your goal with good nutrition, which is 70% of your ability to get the results you want.

When your body turns food and oxygen into energy — something it does throughout the day, virtually all day — it burns calories. That process takes place in your cells' mitochondria, which need oxygen to burn those calories efficiently. So the more oxygen your body is capable of processing per minute (a function of your VO2 max — more on that in a moment), the more calories it can grind through on a given day.

In other words, being fit helps your body run more like a finely tuned machine — one that's naturally inclined to eliminate excess weight.

"People who have a higher level of fitness burn more calories even while at rest and asleep," Hyman says. Exact numbers are difficult to nail down because each person's resting metabolic rate is unique (based on muscle mass, age, genetics and even climate). Still, some experts estimate that fit, muscular adults can burn an extra hundred calories or more per day — while at rest.

It's important to note that in the course of their daily activities and workouts, fit adults can and do burn a couple thousand more calories daily than unfit, more sedentary ones.

And here's the beauty of it: Fit people are naturally more inclined toward activity and tend to exert themselves at higher levels. That's because exercise and activities of all kinds become easier as your fitness improves, and even intense levels of exertion become more comfortable. All of which makes calorie-burning activities a much more appealing proposition, thus further increasing active inclinations.

This is what's known as a "benevolent circle" (as opposed to a vicious one) — and the more fit you become, the more you can take advantage of its fat-burning effects.

LIveleantoday offers high quality online personal trainer services and more information about our 7 Steps to New Years Weight Loss.

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Are You Struggling with Weight and Food Obsession: A 17 Point Checklist for Women

If you're a woman who has struggled for years with being overweight, feeling afraid of eating real food, caught in a cycle of binging and dieting, then you may have to consider that you are a part of the majority of those for whom dieting does not work.

Recently it has been revealed and admitted by the medical community that diets just don't work for 90-98% of all people. In the April 2007 issue of The American Psychologist, the Journal of the American Psychological Association, UCLA researchers reported that diets don't work in the long run.

According to the latest results of a composite study done at UCLA, Traci Mann, Associate Professor of Psychology at UCLA and lead author of the study said, "We found that the majority of people regained the weight, plus more. Sustained weight loss was found only in a small minority of participants while complete weight regain was found in the majority. Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people."

The thing is you probably already know deep down in your heart that this may be true for you. However, most likely you have no idea what to expect if you stop dieting and more importantly how to make it work for you so that you can once and for all overcome your emotional eating and eventually lose all your excess weight as you eat real food.

These fears of yours are very natural and understandable because the years of dieting that you've endured has conditioned you to think about yourself and your relationship to food in a very disempowering way.

You've been taught to rely on diets to solve your weight problem, and to believe that you are helpless over food, when the problem is not actually what you are eating, but what is eating you. The diets are actually a part of the problem because they have probably made you become obsessed about food and caused you to hate your body.

Here's a checklist to see if you are weight and food obsessed. Go through the list and see how many of these items are true for you. Then mark a "T" for true and "F" for false. Then tally up your "T" responses.

1. You start each morning by getting on the scale.

2. You think about food all the time

3. You take your mirror too seriously.

4. You tend to be an all or nothing person

5. You judge yourself harshly. You think of food as good or bad and when you eat the bad foods, you criticize yourself for being weak.

6. You feel guilty and shameful when you overeat

7. You think your inability to lose weight is all your fault.

8. The success of your day depends upon what number the scale says.

9. You skip meals in an attempt to reduce calories or fat.

10. You avoid parties and other social gatherings because you hate your body.

11. You avoid speaking up and letting your feelings be known because you are afraid of people judging you and saying that you're fat.

12. You don't want people to see you eat.

13. When you are out at a social gathering, you'll order what you think you should and then go home and eat more food to satisfy the feelings of emptiness.

14. You'll avoid sex or being intimate because you don't feel attractive.

15. You refuse to buy clothes in a size that really fits you

16. When you're stressed, all you can think to do is eat

17. You have a closet full of clothes that you can't fit into

If you have 5 or more "T" responses, then you are unfortunately overly concerned with your weight and probably an emotional eater. If you have less than 5, you may still be dieting and it could be working for you. If that's the case, then don't change anything unless you feel that you are ready to get off the diet roller coaster.

Whatever your results, take heart, it's never too late to begin again. You can overcome weight and body obsession and learn how easy it is to trust your body by taking the first step to decide to stop dieting. However if you are an emotional eater, it's important to balance your decision to embrace non dieting and to integrate that with learning some solid stress relief techniques to handle the emotional tug that you get when you recognize that you're not really hungry.

The next thing that you need to learn how to do is to be gentle with yourself and change the way that you think about yourself and food. The way to do this is to learn new ways of coping with stress and to take action to increase the juicy factor in your life, which just means to have more fun and do what you love more often.

By learning to handle your emotions and knowing the difference between when you are really hungry and not, and setting aside time for you, that is the key to making non diet weight loss work for you.

Andrea Amador, CEC, M.NLP is President of The Juicy Woman. She is devoted to empowering women to love themselves more, yummy up their lives and lose weight without dieting. The following list is from Andrea's new book, Say Goodbye to Dieting: The Juicy Woman's Guide to Reclaim Your Power over Food, Love Your Body and Yummy up Your Life. To download a free excerpt go to:

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Key Strategies to Help Avoid Weight Gain over the Holidays

Copyright © 2008 Charles Carter

Are you one of the average Americans that experiences a holiday weight gain of 7 pounds between the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, and then goes on to attempt to lose as much of the excess as possible over the next several weeks? Usually, the weight is not all lost and then the cycle is repeated the next year and so on until a significant overall weight gain has occurred. It is certainly better during the holidays to not put the weight on in the first place, rather than fight an uphill battle to repair damage done during such a short period of time year after year.

It is absolutely possible to avoid weight gain during the holidays, but it definitely takes a focused approach and some discipline. This includes both holiday exercise and food intake plans, and the need for exercise during the holidays is critical to keeping the weight off. Here are some basic strategies to keeping excess weight off the body during those festive holiday months.

Let's combine some initial ideas here into some food intake strategies that can help you feel full and avoid the temptation to overeat. They include, getting plenty of water intake and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Water is the most important nutrient in the body, and being well hydrated year round is certainly important, as the body burns more fat when it is well hydrated. Water also helps keep the stomach felling full and naturally suppresses the appetite as a result. Cold water requires the body to warm it up, which naturally raises the metabolism slightly.

The same benefits apply to taking in a lot of fruits and veggies, which usually are a part of the party scene on a tray somewhere along with dips and a lot of other tempting finger foods nearby. Fruits and veggies have a lot of fiber and are naturally low in calories, especially vegetables, so the feeling of being full is so effective at curbing the appetite away from the really potentially damaging foods that can easily be overeaten if care is not taken.

The next very important thing that is a strategy is to make sure that you eat 5 small meals a day during the holidays. This keep you from going to a party starving and eaeting far too much of rich foods until you are full. If less than 5 small meals a day are eaten, the metabolism tends to slow, and the appetite once you get to a party tends to be at its highest. This is a recipe for an overeating disaster. Low metabolism from skipping meals plus overeating rich foods because you are hungry from not eating equals a lot of weight gain. If you eat frequently during the day, your appetite will be lower and easier to control and your metabolism will be at its highest, the perfect solution for not gaining weight. This also allows you to feel more satisfied on only one dessert serving, instead of the huge variety that usually populate the trays of holiday parties and tables everywhere.

Alcohol consumption is a huge potential contributor to weight gain because of the large number of calories present in alcoholic drinks. These calories are stored immediately as fat and need to be burned off later by the body, so it is vital to drink alcohol in moderation.

And finally, the exercise component: getting regular cardio and strength training in provides the benefit it always has: keeping our metabolism active and burning fat like a well oiled machine.

All these things add up to keeping your body at its leanest during the holidays, and are strategies that would be effective no matter the fitness level or age. Have fun and stay lean this holiday season. offers the best prices on Superdrol NG, Ephedrine Products, and more.

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Is Weight Watchers Making False Claims by Suggesting Their Program Embraces Non Diet Approach?

In my opinion, Weight Watchers is playing games with people's heads. You've probably seen their new slogans, "Stop Dieting, Start Living." If you're a woman, like me who's spent (wasted) years of your life on Weight Watchers in an attempt to lose weight using their programs, only to be disappointed in the end and to regain back the weight you lost following their system, then you will be shocked and appalled to hear that they have reached a new low in their marketing. They are claiming that their program is not a diet, because diets don't work.

Evidently the breaking news that came out in April of 2007 with the UCLA long term composite study claiming diets don't work has already spread like wildfire. Now thanks to Traci Mann, a psychology professor at UCLA and lead author of the study, it is commonly accepted by most people that diets really and truly don't work. I guess even Weight Watchers has to agree that it's a fact. After all, now it's backed up by solid research. You can find more details on the study in the April 4th issues of American Psychologist, the journal of the American Psychological Association.

The truth of the matter is that Weight Watchers is still a diet no matter what they claim to the contrary.

As a former devoted member to Weight Watchers, I want to scream when I watch their commercials that insult my intelligence. Like so many women, I was duped into believing that diets were the holy grail, the answer to all my problems lay in my inability to lose weight, have more will power, be more disciplined, just say, "No" , eat less food and by all means exercise more. So simple right? Weight Watchers made it all seem so damned simple. Yet it wasn't. Because they are a diet. They were and they still are a diet, whether they want to admit or not.

Let's review a bit about dieting and put Weight Watchers claim under a microscope. Shall we?

* A diet tells you what to eat. Weight Watchers often hawks products and sells them with the intention of making money off of your unwillingness or inability to choose food and prepare it yourself.

* A diet tells you when to eat. A common battle cry of Weight Watchers is don't let yourself get too hungry. Make sure that you eat something before you head off to a party or somewhere else before you'll be faced with too much temptation.

* A diet tells you how much to eat. All diets have a limit indicating either a range of calories, points or fat grams that must not be exceeded over a day or a week's time

* A diet gives you a goal weight and tells you what you should be weighing. My years at Weight Watchers were spent hoping and praying that one day I would reach that golden number that would indicate that I had won the weight loss game.

* A diet keeps you focused on how much you weigh. Weight Watchers still wants people to come in to the meetings a half hour before to weigh in.

If I sound bitter, it's because I am. I'm flippin' mad. How dare they claim that they are not a diet.

I've spent the last 18 months of my life embracing a true non diet approach to eating. Sure there have been bumps in the road because I had so much to learn about how to listen to my body and undo all the hurt that years of Weight Watchers and other diets had caused not only to my body but also my self esteem, my metabolism, my sense of independence, general health, spirit and well being. In the long run, diets have caused nothing nothing but pain for me.

Now that I've learned to eat real food and discovered the importance of handling the stress that pushes me to eat when I'm not hungry, I can't envision my life ever being dictated by a diet again. How about you? Are you still dieting or are you ready for a taste of some real freedom?

Andrea Amador, CEC, M.NLP is President of The Juicy Woman. She is devoted to empowering women to love themselves more, yummy up their lives and lose weight without dieting. If you're a gal struggling with emotional eating, ready to get off the diet rollercoaster and stand in your power, then sign up for Andrea's next free call

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weight Loss Adds Every Where

By C S Liner

If you are interested in weight loss then I’m sure that you have tried many different things to assist you in your battle of the bulge. As modern consumers we are bombarded with all sorts of gimmicks to help us when it comes to weight loss. It has been shown that there are indeed a lot of fad’s and diets that don’t work. Have you wasted money on these fads and gimmicks? . Many people have and have had little or no effect on their weight loss.

We are continually bombarded on television with advertisements for different weight loss products. What works and what doesn’t is one of the biggest questions any consumer can ask themselves, before they part with their hard earned money. Don’t be sucked in by clever marketing that makes you feel as though you simply must buy the product because it’s a miracle product. I am sure some of you have many different gizmos and gadgets under your bed that you only ever used a few times before falling back into your old habits.

When it comes to weight loss there are a few proven methods that work and its like finding a needle in a haystack with all the advertising companies telling you that this is the only thing that works. Don’t believe a word of it. I found the answer to weight loss on the Internet and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

All you have to do if you want to find out about weight loss is to do your research from the comfort of your own home. Make sure you educate yourself about everything you can to do with weight loss. There are many web sites around that offer products but there are also sites that are just dedicated to weight loss , they are the ones that you should look for.

If you want to get the best ideas about diets and fitness programs to do with weight loss take my advice and do your research first. You will save yourself a lot of heartache when it comes to deciding exactly what sort of weight loss goals you want to achieve. Always read as much as you can and make sure that you consult a doctor before you engage in any sort of diet or calorie controlled program.

Exercise programs and fad’s come an go like the range of gadgets that claim to assist you in your weight loss goals, as previously stated don’t be sucked in and find out for yourself.

When you have finally worked out what is the best weight loss regime for you I am sure that you will be so happy you did as much research as possible, that’s what I did and I have now lost kilo’s just by making sure I had all the weight loss facts first and it didn’t cost me a cent.

After all is said and done go out and enjoy the new you and always make sure the advice you have regarding weight loss is reputable I am sure you will enjoy the new you

About the Author: C S Liner is a professional writer for Weight Loss File a website designed to helping people loose weight in a healthy and sustainable way , a great place for all your weight loss information visit .

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Diets Don't Work

Copyright © 2008 Al Short

Many Americans view a healthy lifestyle as something difficult to attain--and something that's not much fun. Traditional diets have taught us that to lose weight, we must count calories, keep track of everything we eat, and deprive ourselves by limiting the amount--and kinds--of foods we eat. Diets tell us exactly what and how much food to eat, regardless of our preferences and individual relationships with hunger and satiety. Dieting can help us lose weight (fat, muscle, and water) in the short term but is so unnatural and so unrealistic that it can never become a lifestyle that we can live with, let alone enjoy!

While very few diets teach healthy low-fat shopping, cooking, and dining-out strategies, many offer unrealistic recommendations and encourage health-threatening restrictions. Even more important, diets don't teach us the safest, most effective ways to exercise; they don't teach us how to deal with our cravings and our desires, or how to attend to our feelings of hunger and fullness. Eventually, we become tired of the complexity, the hunger, the lack of flavor, the lack of flexibility, the lack of energy, and the feeling of deprivation. We quit our diets and gain back the weight we've lost; sometimes we gain even more!

Each time we go on another diet of deprivation, the weight becomes more difficult to lose, and we become even more frustrated and discouraged. Then we eat more and exercise less, causing ourselves more frustration, discouragement, depression. Soon we are in a vicious cycle. We begin to ask ourselves, "Why bother?" We begin to blame ourselves for having no will power when what we really need is clear, scientifically-based information that will help us develop a healthier lifestyle we can live with for the rest of our lives.

Deliberate restriction of food intake in order to lose weight or to prevent weight gain, known as dieting, is the path that millions of people all over the world are taking in order to reach a desired body weight or appearance. Preoccupation with body shape, size, and weight creates an unhealthy lifestyle of emotional and physical deprivation. Diets take control away from us.

Many of us who diet get caught in a "yo-yo" cycle that begins with low self-acceptance and results in structured eating and living because we lack trust in our body and are unwilling to listen and adhere to our body's signals of hunger and fullness. On diets, we distrust and ignore internal signs of appetite, hunger, and our need to be physically and psychologically satisfied. Instead, we depend on diet plans, measured portions, and a prescribed frequency for eating.

As a result, many of us have lost the ability to eat in response to our physical needs; we experience feelings of deprivation, then binge, and finally terminate our "health" program. This in turn leads to guilt, defeat, weight gain, low self-esteem, and then we're back to the beginning of the yo-yo diet cycle. Rather than making us feel better about ourselves, diets set us up for failure and erode our self-esteem.

The attitudes and practices acquired through years of dieting are likely to result in a body weight and size obsession, low self-esteem, poor nutrition and excessive or inadequate exercise. Weight loss from following a rigid diet is usually temporary. Most diets are too drastic to maintain; they are unrealistic and unpleasant; they are physically and emotionally stressful. And most of us just resume our old eating and activity patterns. Diets control us; we are not in control. People who try to live by diet lists and rules learn little or nothing about proper nutrition and how to enjoy their meals, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle. No one can realistically live in the diet mode for the rest of their life, depriving themselves of the true pleasures of healthy eating and activity.

We Don't Fail Diets; They Fail Us!

Decades of research have shown that diets, both self-initiated and professionally-led, are ineffective at producing long-term health and weight loss (or weight control). When your diet fails to keep the weight off, you may say to yourself, "If only I didn't love food so much . . . If I could just exercise more often . . . If I just had more will power." The problem is not personal weakness or lack of will power. Only 5 percent of people who go on diets are successful. Please understand that we are not failing diets; diets are failing us.

The reason 95 percent of all traditional diets fail is simple. When you go on a low-calorie diet, your body thinks you are starving; it actually becomes more efficient at storing fat by slowing down your metabolism. When you stop this unrealistic eating plan, your metabolism is still slow and inefficient that you gain the weight back even faster, even though you may still be eating less than you were before you went on the diet.

In addition, low-calorie diets cause you to lose both muscle and fat in equal amounts. However, when you eventually gain back the weight, it is all fat and not muscle, causing your metabolism to slow down even more. Now you have extra weight, a less healthy body composition, and a less attractive physique.

Diets require you to sacrifice by being hungry; they don't allow you to enjoy the foods you love. This does not teach you habits which you can maintain after the diet is over. Most diet programs force you to lower your caloric intake to dangerously low levels. The common theory is that if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. But when you eat fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its life-sustaining activities, you're actually losing muscle in addition to fat. Your body breaks down its own muscles to provide the needed energy for survival.

Traditional diets which use calorie restriction to produce weight loss are no longer appropriate. Most weight-loss programs measure success solely in terms of the number of pounds lost per weight loss attempt. Diets don't take into account the quality of the process used to achieve that weight loss or the very small likelihood of sustained weight loss. For long-term good health, you need to move away from low-calorie diets and focus on enjoyable physical activity and good nutrition. Exercising regularly and eating lean-supporting calories, protein and carbohydrates, and reducing fat-supporting calories will not only help you look and feel better, it will also significantly reduce your risk of disease.

America spends billions of dollars on different ways to fix people. If we focused more on prevention and on improving our day-to-day behaviors, we could cut health care costs in half. Contrary to popular belief, leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult; it doesn't have to painful or time-consuming. Making gradual, simple changes in your diet and physical activity will make great improvements in your health and well-being, and they can drastically reduce your risk of disease.

If your weight management program is to be a success, everything you eat and every exercise you do must be a pleasurable experience. If you're not enjoying yourself, it is unlikely that you'll continue your program. It's that simple. These small, gradual changes are not painful or overwhelming but rather the core of an exciting lifestyle that you will look forward to.

Take the frustration, guilt, and deprivation out of weight management, and allow yourself to adopt gradual, realistic changes into your life that will make healthy eating and physical activity a permanent pleasure. You will soon discover what your body is capable of and begin to look, act, and feel your very best. Good luck and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

World Class Nutrition offers the latest diet pills like Curvelle ready for New Years weight loss.

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You may think that this is the opposite way of thinking, but you can actually double your number of meals per day and yet achieve successful weight loss.

Yes, you can consume an equal amount of food per day and lose fat. The key is to make the portions smaller and divide that same quantity of food into more meals. Typically you might be eating three meals per day. That is the normal regime for diet conscious people. What you must do is double you number of meals to six.

Your mind is designed to eat a given amount of food and burn that number of calories in a time frame that is heavily biased by previous activity. You must not shrug off this fact. Consider the fact that you are having so much difficulty in reducing the quantity of food you consume.

So, how can I achieve weight loss by eating more meals?

I am sure you have said more times than you can count "I don't need this, I'm just eating it to eat." That is a reponse to the powerful signals from your brain telling you "You always give me this amount of food and I want it now." Now you know that you are not starving and you know that you have eaten adequately to sustain your body needs for the day.

You still find it necessary to eat more food despite that inner knowledge. Why do you suppose that happens? Doesn't the solution seem easy? Why not just resist eating? Well it's not that simple. The brain has great power and is difficult to change the program.

If the brain has such strong control over our body, why not work with it instead of against it? For the moment we will not even consider trying to change our brain programming and by asking it to accept lower quantities of food.

Let's work with it and give it that amount of food but provide it in more frequent intervals. So by simply doing that, what have we accomplished? We still have not reduced our calorie intake and the body will still have the same raw materials going into the stockroom.

Do you remember the power of the brain? It is accustomed to burning a given number of calories per meal. It remembers that data equally well as it remembers how much food you are providing the body on a daily basis.

The brain is going to try to command our metabolic system to burn the same number of calories at each meal. The key point in weight loss planning, is the fact that you won't be providing that quantity of calories per meal. To satisfy the brain demand that you burn a given number of calories, the metabolic system will seek out and find available calories stored as body fat.

It will then burn off calories that have been previously stored as fat. We all find it easy to accept the fact that the brain is so strong that it stimulates the urge to eat. With that acceptance of the brain's power, we must in turn accept the fact that it also has the power to dictate how many calories are burned in a given period.

So now there must be a valid conclusion here. We can begin losing weight consistently and never even approach the issue of counting calories.

Now what happens if we tailor that calorie intake a little bit? If we work at it and manage to introduce a bit of calorie reduction along the way, the benefits will be even more dramatic.

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Holiday New Years Weight Loss Solution

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What is it about the New Year that makes people leap without thinking making resolutions that have no hope of success. Every person has deep ingrained habits that make changes especially significant changes hard to make. Though every person has things they want to change, so how do we make New Year resolutions work.

It is important to look at your past attempts to achieve weight loss with New Year resolutions. So, many people start with such a high that once that high drops they quit just as fast as they start.

For those that are serious this year, the following are a list of what it takes to be successful with your New Year's resolutions. Be prepared you are going to have to change habits that keep you from success.

Just Start

Most people make the predictions of what they are going to do though actually taking the first step to an online personal trainer or the gym doesn't always happen. Most often negative self talk tells you will fail or can't do it and you never get off the ground. How do we know you have negative thoughts about weight that is because if you didn't you would be fit. What is vital is to acknowledge that you have negative thoughts on weight and set your goals in the positive about what you are going to achieve than what you are going to lose.

Line of Support

Success is achieved with support. The biggest failure that people make is their ego gets in the way and they believe they have to do it themselves. No person does anything successful by themselves. Whether in money, work, or fitness the better your team the more successful you are.

A proper team is made up of professional support and peer support. It is paramount that you have friends and family that will support you in your efforts. See how often we look to friends and family that talk bad about us and keep us from success. Find those that are going to believe just as you that you are going to be successful. With so much misinformation out their about weight loss hiring a professional is vital to success. An online personal trainer makes a great option that is convenient and affordable.

Complete Program

This New Year start with a complete program. Most people take on only one aspect of weight loss which is why they are always missing gaps and don't achieve their weight loss. A complete program has a balanced nutrition plan, strength, cardio, and flexibility program, and a natural supplementation plan. Each is vital to overcoming obstacles and making the changes necessary for success. What each person needs to do is a bigger topic then this articles and another reason why to hire a professional who can handle all these aspects. Find a Community

Beyond just support from friends and family, joining groups and engaging with other people in your community is one of the best ways to stay consistent. Walks, 5k races, hiking clubs, or more are easy things to join and meet new people who are working on getting fit with you. Getting some of your physical activity out of just the gym helps tremendously with your mental capacity to keep going and enjoy the journey of success.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

1 Pound Of Fat = 3,500 Calories

 by Joey Dweck

There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. Thus, if you cut back or work off just 3,500 calories, you will lose an entire pound of fat. While it is possible to cut back on your calorie intake and increase your exercise regimen in order to lose pounds quickly, it is important to note that doctors recommend that you lose no more than 2 pounds of weight per week in order to ensure that your body properly adjusts to the weight loss.

Here are some tips to help you safely drop 3,500 from your regular routine:


Running for about 1 hour at a slow pace will help you lose approximately 350 calories, depending on your body type, speed and terrain. Thus, if you run for one hour five days a week while maintaining a consistent diet, you will safely lose one pound.

It is important to understand that many people who just begin running will eat pasta and other foods high in carbohydrates in order to compensate for the exertion. They think that because they worked out so hard, they deserve a treat. After all, they justify, the pasta will help to keep their energy levels high.

However, what they may not realize is that while they are justified in thinking that the carbohydrates will infuse their workout routine with energy, they are not actually setting their bodies up to lose weight. When you burn 350 calories but intake 450 over a high-carbohydrate pasta dish, you are adding more calories to your body than you otherwise would have.

Running does, however, help to boost our metabolism and change your muscle tone so that you burn calories more efficiently. Instead of inhaling a pasta dish after a run, select instead to have a large salad and splurge for the carbohydrate-rich croutons.

Eat In

When you eat out at a restaurant, not only are you subjecting your body to an array of high fat, high calorie foods, but you are also tempting yourself to eat a larger portion than you might normally eat. Therefore, what could be a simple 500 calories meal can easily turn into a 1500-calorie fat fest. In order to lose weight by cutting calories, it is essential that you are aware of exactly what you are putting into your body. Especially in the beginning of your new routine, it is important that you prepare your meals and monitor your level of hunger.

When eating out, generally you are in a social situation where food is not a priority – but spending time with your friends is. For this reason, people tend to eat more than they normally would. Non-dessert eaters often even spring for the extra round of calories. If you must eat out, help yourself avoid temptation by selecting a salad rather than a plate of pasta or burger. You will be amazed at the difference in the amount of calories you intake when you make simple choices such as meal option.

By reducing your overall calorie intake and increasing your level of physical activity, you will be able to lose those 3,500 calories without much trouble. Make sure that you stay focused, motivated and on task. You’ll shed unwanted weight in no time!

Joey Dweck is the Founder & CEO of a website committed to 24/7 support, expert advice, and helping people find a buddy(s) who will support their effort to lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. And it's all Free. Sign up for the Free, award winning, 12-Part E-Course “Losing For Good”

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Lose Weight the Easy Way

 by David Maillie

An apple, made Eve realize that Heaven was wherever she was. And, thus, Earth happened. Later, it set Sir Issac Newton thinking and we came to know all about gravity. The biggies in this world have mostly come out from simple thought or observation. A weight loss program, one of the biggest endeavors of mankind, then now, and forever - has, always, met with a varying degree of success but is rarely wholly successful. However, it is easy to lose weight. Actually following a set of instructions and keeping your basics right you can lose weight the easy way and nothing else besides.

Intended weight loss, mostly remains at the intended stage because most of the times it become a classic case of self-imposed starvation at a stretch and severe binge eating later on, to make up. However, true urge to lose weight should tread a different path and remember that it is the slow but steady that wins the race.

Easy ways to lose weight, involve, tackling the issue head on. Drop the morning fruit juice and revert to plain old water. Switch to sugar-free yogurt and low-fat, store bought bagel. It is another simple, but extremely effective idea to replace bacon at breakfast with reduced-fat turkey bacon or Canadian bacon, if you are serious about your weight loss program.

There are many easy ways to lose weight but there is nothing to beat the age-old wisdom of having a balanced meal. A daily, balanced meal would keep the occasional hunger pangs at bay. Thus, you would be able to be stay away from junk food.

A model eating habit can be something like this. Breakfast, may include cottage cheese, eggs or yogurt. A turkey sandwich with lots of veggies on the side or sliced grilled chicken along with a salad with reduced-fat dressing can be part of your lunch. Lean meat or fish, at dinnertime, is going to fill you up nicely, without setting you worrying about blowing up. Besides, you will not have to head for midnight munches.

You can have popcorn and still lose weight. Air popped popcorn or light versions of microwave popcorn are weight loss program friendly.

David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale: or by visiting

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Water Is A Miracle Weight Loss Drink

 by Kerry-Ann Crawford

We have all heard it and most of us have ignored it; if you want to lose weight you need to drink more water. Eight 8-oz. glasses of water per day is the recommendation from health professionals for optimal health. For many people, that just seems like too much, especially because exchanging the same amount of pop or coffee defeats the purpose of drinking the water in the first place.

There are many reasons to drink up. First of all, Americans have not changed their water intake in the past ten years, but have added 20 ounces of soda to their daily intake. This excess of sugary pop is recognized as one of the reasons for the huge increase in obesity over the past 10 years. It makes sense that we are drinking more pop; since pop tends to be a regular choice for diners, and eating out and ordering in has tripled in the past ten years The colossal change in portions has not helped our over consumption of soda; in 1966 the 'regular' size of a soda was 6 ounces, now it is more than 12.

Replacing water for your soda makes good dieting sense. In one study, dieters who replaced virtually all their usual sweetened drinks with water lost an average of 5 pounds more in a year than dieters who didn't, and those who drank more than four cups of water daily lost 2 more pounds than those that didn't drink as much. Study after study has shown that drinking water aids in weight loss, although the mechanism whereby it helps is still largely unknown.
What is known about water is that your body needs enough of consistently to flush out your daily waste. Your kidneys use water to help flush out the toxins from your body. However, if you don't have enough water to maximize your kidney's function, the liver has to pick up the slack. Usually the liver's job is to metabolize fat and clean up the blood, but without enough water they have to slow down on those jobs and take over the job for your kidneys. In the end, fat is metabolized much more slowly, so your weight loss is compromised. In addition, your muscles need enough water to contract properly. Water improves muscle tone, so if you are not getting the results you expect from your weight lifting, it might be that you are not giving your body enough water.

Many people give up drinking their full share of water within a few days of trying. That's because for many it seems that they are going to the washroom as fast as they drink it. This is actually a good thing, and temporary. You may know that if you don't give your body enough food it slows its metabolism in "survival mode." The same thing happens with fluid. When you don't drink enough water your body thinks that it needs to be careful and store it because there must be a shortage. So when you begin to drink the amount you really need, it signals to your body that water is plentiful and your body lets go of the stores of extra fluid it has been keeping (you may see this store of water sometimes gathering around your ankles at the end of the day.) The extra water then flushes out of your system, and as long as you keep drinking the amount you require, your body will not hold on to the extra.

So how much is enough? 64 ounces (2 quarts) of water, the usual eight x 8-ounces, is okay for the average person. However, if you are overweight, you should drink another 8 ounces for every 25 pounds of extra weight you carry. Of course, if you live in a hot climate or exercise very intensely, you will need to drink more. What are you waiting for? Get up now and get yourself a glass! You're on your way to a healthier (and slimmer) you!

Kerry-Ann Matthews successfully lost 75 pounds three years ago and still maintains it.During her four years of post secondary studies,she focused on health, nutrition and healthy weightloss.For free information on a guaranteed way to lose weight visit

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Exercise Speeds Up Weight Loss

 by Kerry-Ann Crawford
Most people join the gym or begin their exercise program with high hopes. Unfortunately, most people give up within six months of starting because they are not getting the results they want. Many figure that they will get the same results by dieting alone, but the reality is that the pounds will come off significantly faster when you combine healthy eating, portion control and add an hour- long activity, four times weekly.Adding four hour-long exercise sessions per week does not have to be as hard as it sounds. The first thing to think about is that your new exercise routine will not simple be from now until you successfully lose the weight, but these activity sessions must be thought of as activities you will continue to do to maintain the weight loss. Studies have shown that nearly 90% of individuals who successfully maintain their weight loss also continued their exercise programs.
Why does exercise speed up weight loss and help maintain your weight loss? One school of thought indicates that aerobic exercises especially, are crucial for weight loss. During aerobics sessions, your body begins to burn fat after thirty minutes of moderate intensity exercise. In order to turn your body into a fat burning machine you need to work out at 80-90% of your maximum heart rate (calculated by 220-age). This level of intensity in your work out will help increase your metabolic rate and help your body to burn fat even after you have finished working out. The amount of calories you will burn while exercising and in the hours after depend upon a number of variables, such as; your weight and the intensity of your workout. After doing aerobics exercises for several weeks, you will begin to notice that you clothes feel looser and that you feel healthier overall. Also, aerobic exercise has been shown to increase mood and help ease depression.
Another school of thought states that working out with resistance (that is, weight, or resistance bands) is the best way to lose weight. Once again, there are a lot of variables which will determine how successful you will be at losing weight this way. Previous research indicated that for every pound of muscle you added to your body, your resting metabolic rate would increase by 60 calories. That's a fantastic finding, meaning that if you add five pounds of new muscle, you will automatically burn an additional 31 pounds of fat in a year. By adding this muscle you will also tone your look, so whether or not the scale says differently, you body composition is going to change for the better. There is merit to this plan, even though the research has not born out the claims that each pound of new muscle burns 60 calories of fat per hour. No one knows for sure how much fat you will burn by adding muscle; it seems to depend upon your gender, your age and your past history of exercise. In the end, though, there is good reason to add weight bearing exercises to your exercise plan; regardless of the amount of additional fat you will burn, you WILL burn more fat, especially in the two hours after your workout. Also, weight bearing exercise decreases your odds of getting osteoporosis, something you haven't likely given much thought to if you are still under 60, but something you will be especially happy about when you are older.
So what should you do? Because no one can tell you for sure how much weight you will lose given either strategy, and because you need to add activity to your lifestyle for the rest of your life, the best thing to do is to add activities which you enjoy doing anyway. Promise yourself at least four, one hour activity slots per week, and PUT THEM IN YOUR CALENDAR. It's really easy to allow exercise to drop to the bottom of your to-do list, especially if you already have too much to do and not enough time. By putting the appointments in your calendar, you are agreeing to make it a priority to keep yourself healthy. Make it a priority; the same priority you would give going to work and don't let other people's needs get in the way. Then, do what you love. Try new activities; curling, squash, racquetball, spinning, biking, volleyball; the list is endless. If you choose activities you enjoy, rather than repetitive exercises on the treadmill or climber, you will have a greater chance of sticking with them throughout the rest of your life. If you have been a bit of a loner in your exercises so far, getting out and being part of a team will do wonders both for your weight loss and your soul. And the great thing is that many of these activities combine both aerobic exercise and weight bearing together. If you feel that you should have some degree of real exercise each week, add a treadmill/weight lifting session to just one of your scheduled sessions. That way, you will feel as if you are doing the "real work" of exercise while enjoying your weekly activities.
In the end, any exercise speeds up weight loss. While the jury is out on how many calories, or how much fat you will lose exactly, there is plenty of research to indicate that you will build muscle, burn more fat and feel better. What are you waiting for? Go out and start having fun! Your body, and your scale, will love you for it.
Kerry-Ann Matthews successfully lost 75 pounds three years ago and still maintains it.During her four years of post secondary studies, she focused on health, nutrition and healthy weightloss.For free information on a guaranteed way to lose weight visit

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Quick Weight Loss -A Fast Way to Lose Weight?

by Abigail Franks

Fasting, or more accurately starving yourself to lose weight can produce very fast weight loss. The problem with this and so many other weight loss plans is that sooner or later you need to go back to managing your own food. Understand that any type of quick weight loss that takes you out of your normal patterns is usually not a long-term solution.

My normal patterns, I mean, your personal food choices and selections. Almost anyone can lose weight with those portion control meal plans that come prepackaged and prepared. The problem becomes apparent when you quit buying those prepackaged foods and need to decide what you will eat from the refrigerator or a restaurant menu.

Understand that fasting and weight loss seem to go together well, because not eating has always been a guaranteed path to weight loss. The old adage that to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more continues to be true.

For those of you who think that as long as you're thinner, it's worth the risk, you need to rethink that outlook. Fast too long and your body will begin to experience some fun and exciting side effects like possibly kidney stones. The pain is so unbelievable and can last for hours and even days. The real fun begins however when you get past them through your urine. Believe it or not, kidney stones are just a minor inconvenience in relation to some of the more serious health problems you can create with fasting.

Beyonce Knowles appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and claimed she lost 20 pounds on a Lemonade Fast. That's probably as far as a lot of people, desperate to lose weight might have heard. Glossed over were the following facts:

1. Beyoncé is 25 years old. Younger people are better able to tolerate abusing their bodies than the rest of us.
2. She had the benefit of childhood metabolism. It's no secret that our metabolisms slow down as we age. This means it's more difficult to lose weight, no matter what diet plan are fast is used
3. Beyoncé admitted she was very irritable while on the diet.
4. Being rich, she had a nutritionalist available in most likely an exercise program monitored by a personal coach.

The most important point, however, and was that after she completed the scenes for the movie, she immediately gained back all of those 20 pounds.

There is just no way that you can maintain weight loss due to a fast without major changes in your dietary eating habits and/or exercise regimen. What any of us and a diet and go back to normal eating patterns, we tend to put all the weight lost back on along with a couple more pounds. The extra poundage is caused by our bodies having just experienced starvation. Our bodies will want to add a little more reserve (fat) to our frames to protect us from the next period of starvation that may come our way.

Fasting for a day or two at a time can actually be beneficial to weight loss by improving your metabolism. In the end any diet that doesn't consider maintaining adequate vitamins, minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins should be considered dangerous to your health.

Abigail Franks has done extensive research into weight loss and what works. Find valuable information about quick weight loss diet and other successful weight loss plans.

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How to Find the Right Appetite Suppressant for Natural Weight Loss

 by Albert Phatman

There are many choices for a natural weight loss plan. Most people feel that all plans are exactly alike. For some individuals, only a specific type of plan is good, and others do not perform up to their expectations. When looking for the best appetite suppressant, there are many choices to choose from.

Many people think all appetite suppressants are the same. Other people think only one type of appetite suppressant works well. Usually, this is caused by the way an individual's metabolism works. All people are different, what works well for one individual may not work as well for another individual.

Metabolism has a lot to do with how a specific person is affected by a specific chemical in a natural weight loss plan. Individuals who want the right appetite suppressant need to spend time searching for what they really want.

One of the best ways to locate the right appetite suppressant is through diligent Internet and library research and conversations with your doctor. People look in many places in order to find the best natural weight loss plan for them. Some of the chemicals in the types of appetite suppressant that was popular in the past, as well as some which are still popular now, are very harmful for individuals with specific medical problems.

Since this is a concern, an individual who is going to take an appetite suppressant should read the label carefully. An appetite suppressant can be very beneficial for people who use them correctly. When people do not understand the risks that they may undertake, there is a chance that they can get hurt. Improper use of these kinds of medications also contributes to serious problems.

With a natural weight loss plan, an individual often wants to research and talk to people about the issue, so that they can make an informed decision. When people have specific health problems, there is the chance that some of the plans could be dangerous to them. Because of that, individuals should read the information on a plan carefully as to avoid potential complications.

Some of the more common issues one can face with continued use of appetite suppressants are as follows:

1) Potential dependence and abuse - stimulant based diet pills can be habit forming.

2) Metabolic disruption - diet pills that suppress the appetite will cause your metabolism to slow down minimizing the weight you lose over time and making it harder to lose in the long run.

3) Health related issues like hypertension, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, heart palpitations and risk of heart attack and stroke.

The dangers of appetite suppressants may not be worth the risk. Instead, come up with a plan to incorporate a healthier diet and a regimen of regular exercise. This alone can guarantee weight loss, and assure it stays off!

Appetite Down is the best product around for natural weight loss. There are no stimulants in Appetite Down, so you can feel comfortable that you can lose weight the natural way! For more information visit:

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Implementing A Successful Weight Loss Plan

 by John Howard

Loosing weight has become a common trend these days. People are into more number of weight loss plans. There are plenty of such plans available in the book stores, libraries, internet and many other media. Choosing the right plan suiting out requirements and out body language is simply difficult to select. Each and every book on weight loss plan stands out to be unique and different in its own way.

The only way to select the perfect book matching your needs is through the open mind method. In this method you are let to decide on your own after reading several books. You can just gather information about those which suits your requirements, time, money and effort. Mix and match plans really works to be too good. This could end up in bringing up the perfect plan which might sound to be the best one for you.

Always think in the practical way and never jump into a weight loss plan without thinking and sometimes even rethinking paves the way. Do not blindly believe and practice what is told. Never go for any kind of crash diets or something which might be dangerous at any point of time. Weight loss pills are readily available in the market but never opt for those miracle pills as it could result in side effects eventually.

Only with slow and steady trial and error method you will be able to finally end up with the best plan. You will be surely encouraged if you practice what is known as patience as it shows up the new way for you. It is certain that you will end up with the ideal plan suiting you if you are hard working, realistic and being patient.

Things work out to be fine if you are to follow a strict weight loss plan. One among those is the calorie-shifting diet which has been proved to be effective than any other plans. Studies have stated that by following this diet you tend to lose almost nine pounds after every eleven days if you are to strictly adopt it. Also the experts count on the hazards caused due to rapid weight loss plans.

In this routine you should be depending on low carbohydrates, low fat and low calorie for three days then you can take a short break of another 3 days where you depend on any of these. The alternate day's cycle shall be followed for almost eleven days and you can find the initial result. Even though this process is slow, it is regarded to be as very safe and secured.

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Some Rapid Weight Loss Tips That Keep You Healthy

 by John Howard
There are many practical ways to lose weight. The success is to find a rapid weight loss plan that is safe to your body and health. Exercising moderately three times a week is beneficial. Drinking adequate water is necessary. A well-nourished diet of low fat is preferable. It is ideal to avoid fast foods, confectionaries and red meat. The body is repaired and rejuvenated when there is a sound sleep.
Detoxification is necessary for a better reliable loss of weight. Weird food and artificial meals should be avoided. Starch and sugar must be eliminated. Therefore, the body is forced to burn the stored energy. A rapid weight loss program becomes a success in the fourth day. A controlled deep breathing exercise is another tool for weight loss. Many people do not breathe properly. It is ideal to deep breath for fifteen minutes a day. Your lungs should be filled with a slow inhalation and fast exhalation.
Weight gain is the result of added stress. Before starting a diet regime make sure it should be practical enough to followup. Certain days might be hectic as you cannot avoid eating and may even result in overeating. There will be certain situations, like stress problems and tensions, that should be overcome without giving up. Avoid strenuous exercises. Neither should the regime be easy. It is also necessary to take a break after a week's workout. There will be many pauses while you exercise, but the power is that one should never quit.
The diet regime must be consisted with supplements. Remember always not to add sugar to you favorite juice. Tomato juice and skimmed milk would be a good choice for a rapid weight loss. Ph level should be balanced as an over acid pH can restrict weight loss. Never get satisfied with the weight loss that you have targeted. Always try loosing five pounds extra to the target. Therefore, even if there is rapid weight gain it will not be much of a worry. Multi joint and multi muscle exercises should be performed. Group exercise would maintain healthy competition that will trigger your mind to loss weight. Follow a reputed rapid diet that is easy to follow. Add fat free foodstuffs to your diet and continue exercise even if the diet fails. Finally, the factors for an ideal rapid weight loss should be well coordinated for a reliable reduction of your body weight.
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The Top Five Diseases Associated With Being Overweight

 by Kerry-Ann Crawford

The obesity epidemic is on everyone's mind lately, as it should, given that the number of people battling the bulge has doubled in the last 30 years. Unfortunately, most of us are more concerned with how those extra pounds make us look instead of what those extra pounds are doing to the health of our bodies. In fact, scientists are consistently discovering new facts linking obesity to many different health problems.Generally speaking, men whose waist circumference exceeds 40 inches, and women whose waist circumference exceeds 36 inches are at increased risk of getting these diseases:

Heart Disease and Stroke
Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a symptom of developing heart disease, and is a risk factor for having a stroke. One-third to one-half of all individuals with high blood pressure are overweight. Your Blood pressure rises as you gain weight, and usually begins to drop as you start losing weight. Once you reach the ideal weight for you height, your blood pressure usually stabilizes at a normal range..

Breast, Endometrial, Gallbladder and Colon Cancer
Post menopausal women who are obese have a 50% higher risk of getting breast cancer, and obese men have a 40% higher risk of colon cancer. Men and women have five times the risk of getting endometrial or gallbladder cancer if they are obese. Most recent research is beginning to indicate a higher risk of kidney, pancreas, rectum, esophagus, and liver cancer also.

Type 2 Diabetes
Although the exact mechanism behind it is not yet known, it is known that over 80% of patients with type 2 diabetes are overweight. Reduce your risk of this chronic illness, which can cause blindness, amputation, kidney and nerve disease, by walking at least 30 minutes everyday. Daily exercise has been proven to decrease the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

The most common form of joint disease in the United States (with over 21 million people suffering), osteoarthritis is a major cause of disability in people over 55. Obesity is one of the top ten causes of osteoarthritis, and makes healing more difficult should joint replacement surgery be required.

Sleep Apnea and Respiratory Problems
Sleep apnea (also known as obstructive sleep apnea) is a diagnosis that within the last 10 years has been link to obesity or being overweight. In the past, many patients who snored loudly and stopped breathing during the night were simply considered to have nasal irregularities. It has been shown that many of these actually have a condition called obstructive sleep apnea and are therefore at a higher risk of stroke, heart disease, insomnia and mood disorders. They also usually have high blood pressure. Most people diagnosed with sleep apnea are overweight, and in many cases, losing weight reverses the condition.

Unfortunately, knowing about the risks of being overweight may give impetus to the decision to lose weight, but it does not make losing weight any easier. There is good news though; research shows that losing just 10% of your body weight reduces the risk of these diseases significantly. So whether you are 20 pounds overweight or 100 pounds, losing just 10% of your total body weight is enough to decrease the risk of these top five diseases. Keep that 10% goal in mind for whenever you begin to feel discouraged about how slowly the pounds are coming off. In the end, it is not what you look like that counts, it is how healthy you are, and it only takes a 10% weight loss to significantly increase the odds your future will be a healthier one.

Kerry-Ann Matthews successfully lost 75 pounds three years ago and still maintains it.During her four years of post secondary studies, she focused on health, nutrition and healthy weightloss.For free information on a guaranteed way to lose weight visit

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Why Breakfast Is So Important When Dieting

by Kerry-Ann Crawford

Let's face it, not everyone enjoys breakfast. While most early-to-rise types are ready for food early in the a.m., many who consider themselves night owls cannot stomach the thought. Unfortunately for the night owls, skipping breakfast has many negative consequences, especially when you are trying to lose weight. While theoretically the idea of eating less food by skipping breakfast sounds like a useful idea, practice has shown skipping breakfast sabotages your dieting successes made later on in the day. How could that be? By missing breakfast one would most likely forgo between 300-400 calories. In fact, 10 days of going without breakfast would cause you to lose over a pound, by those counts. Unfortunately, your body knows that it is running without its morning fuel, and finds other ways around the loss.

First of all, by going without breakfast, we leave our body without fuel for nearly 12 hours or more. Sure, you may not be hungry early on, but by lunch or later in the afternoon when you finally give in, you are sure to over eat by more than those calories you missed at breakfast. This is because your blood sugar has dropped so low by that time that you begin to feel shaky, ravenous and irritable. You are far less able to fight temptation when you are caught in the midst of such a strong physical need for food, and much less likely to heed the signs of satiety when it has been so long since you havefed your body. Perhaps you are one of the few that possess an iron will? Maybe you are sure that you will not overeat or choose unwisely. Unfortunately, even with your will of iron, you will still not gain (i.e. lose pounds) by pushing away breakfast. Your body is a remarkably smart machine. If you have not fed it in more than 5-6 hours, but are still requiring it to keep up with your physical tasks, it will respond by slowing down your metabolism. Who would have thought that by eating you would raise your metabolism? Turns out it is true. The process of eating and digesting burns some calories by raising your metabolism. So, how early do you want your metabolism raised?

Finally, choosing to eat in the morning does not just get your metabolism going, studies have shown that women have greater amounts of calcium and fiber intake on the days that they choose to eat breakfast. Both calcium and fiber have been shown to be associated with successful weight loss, so you really do want more of both of those nutrients. Also breakfast eating in children is associated with greater cognitive skills, better moods and better grades. It is not too hard to believe that those same benefits are available to you, and when dieting, do not we all need something to help us with our moods?

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

5 Weight loss & Diet Myths Exposed

Copyright © 2008 Steven Magill

Everyone wants the impossible when it comes to dieting and weight loss! And most people will believe almost anything, if it sounds like they'll be able to lose weight faster and easier, even if it is a little far-fetched.

However, the truth is that there are numerous weightloss and diet myths flying around. Here are some of the main ones, exposed as incorrect:

1. You Do Not Need To Count Calories.

Without knowing your calorie intake and output, you can't know if your output is exceeding your intake, which is necessary for weight loss to occur. Calorie counting may seem tedious at the time, but it is one of the most exact ways to ensure you slim down to the size you want.

If you go over your calorie intake one day, though, don't panic. Provided over the course of the week, your calorie intake averages out to what it should be, it won't matter if you're over or under your daily allowance. Interestingly enough, if you cut down on just 100 calories a day, in a year, your weightloss will be nearly 5kgs in a year.

2. You Should Eat A Huge Breakfast.

Whilst it is true, to ensure weightloss when on a diet, you should eat something in the morning time, it does not necessarily have to be a three-course meal! You need to eat something that will tide you over approximately three hours, such as oats, until your mid-morning snack (or lunch, depending on what time you wake up). Simply put, breakfast need only be a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast.

3. You Should Not Snack Between Meals Whilst On A Diet.

Although some people do well on a strict three-meals-a-day routine, others who are more active and have a faster metabolism will benefit from having five or six meals a day, providing the portion size is small. In fact, eating more frequently does increase the metabolism, however great care needs to be taken with the size of the portions to make sure that you're not eating too much at each time, otherwise you will defeat the purpose of your diet in the first place.

4. Never Eat After Eight In The Evening.

This is one of the most well-circulated myths. According to experts, there is nothing wrong with having a couple of hundred calories in the evening time, provided you are careful to account for them on your weekly calorie tally. The problem lies when you start eating in the evening, whilst you are doing something else, and lose track of how much you are consuming. That's when your diet goes out the window!

5. You Should Not Eat Treats Whilst On A Diet.

Going cold turkey is difficult for anyone, so don't do it. Allow yourself a treat once in a while, so that you don't feel completely deprived. You are much more likely to stick to your diet and attain the weightloss goal you set for yourself if you allow a little bit of leeway, and treat yourself once in a while.

Most people who are dieting for weight loss reasons firmly believe that their lives have to be completely interrupted whilst they "lose the weight". In actual fact, the opposite is true. By being a little careful with your portion size of the meals you eat at any time of the day, you will able to succeed at losing - and keeping - your extra weight off, and looking fit and fabulous once you've done so!

Learn the 10 idiot proof Rules of Dieting and Fat Loss.

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Best Weight Loss Diet Ever

Copyright © 2008 Steven Magill

So, you have decided that you are going to try to lose some weight. Who isn't trying to lose weight these days? Everyone is looking for the perfect weight loss diet. Everywhere you look there are books about dieting, television shows about dieting, exercise programs promising to "burn the fat", and more websites than you can count...they are all promising to help you lose weight.

A healthy weight loss rate is a few pounds dropping off each week, and to do this, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet (trade the McDonald's for a home cooked meal is a good way to start) and you need to exercise regularly. To lose one pound, you need to burn thirty five hundred calories. Weight loss is basic math: if you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight.

Before jumping head first into the latest weight loss diet fad, are you sure that you even need to lose weight? What is the reason for this decision to diet? Just because you weigh more than you might want to, and just because you might be bigger around than the latest stick thin supermodel, does not necessarily mean that you need to lose weight. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor and maybe a nutritionist as well. These two health professionals will be able to help you figure out an ideal (and healthy!) target weight and put you on a weight loss diet plan to help you get there.

Once you have figured out your target weight, the next step is to decide on a regular exercise regime. You don't need to join a fancy gym or work out for hours a day. You simply need to exercise enough to burn some fat and build some muscle. It is amazing how many calories a simple walk around the block can burn.

In the event that you feel like you might need some help with your weight loss diet, there are a number of diet programs out there that have large success rates. Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are the best. Not only do these programs give you the support you need to hit your target weight, they will teach you how to look at food and portion control. You will learn how to eat to get healthy instead of eating to get full. The points system used by Weight Watchers has been especially effective.

What is important is that you are healthy. Being thin should be an afterthought. Of course, if it happens in the course of improving your health then you should be extra happy!

Learn the 10 idiot proof Rules of Dieting and Fat Loss.

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