Friday, April 10, 2009

Weight Loss Programs - Which One Will Work For You?

By Scott M. Thompson

How many diet programs have you tried? Why did you stop using them? Did you lose any weight and keep it off? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. If you are like me, you have tried multiple diets, you stopped because it wasn't convenient, the food didn't taste good, there wasn't enough support with the program, and it got monotonous eating the same foods over and over. The weight you did lose with the program was back on in 2 months.

If all these answers are like your answers, you are not alone. I have been there too. I've tried pills, shakes, counting calories, pre-packaged diet meals, and exercising. Below are the three popular programs I have tried with my opinion of each.

1. Medifast

I was looking through a magazine and seen an advertisement for Medifast. The ad was put together well and the food, or so called food, looked really appetizing. The program was called the 5 and 1 plan. This plan allows you to eat 5 of their meals and 1 of your own called a lean and green meal. The plan sounded good so I ordered it. I was surprised when I received my order. All the food was in envelopes, except for the dessert bars. The soups were just a flavored powder it seemed like, and the shakes were just mixed with water, it had the consistency of skim milk.

If all you are after are results, then I can say that Medifast works fine until you get tired of basically a liquid diet. I found myself to the point when I got to eat my lean and green meal, I overate just for the pleasure of chewing on something.

My recommendation: If you just have 10 pounds to lose in two weeks this program will be fine. To sustain this program for any longer would drive you nuts.

2. Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a popular program I did enjoy the first couple of weeks. I got to chew on something, I didn't have to mix anything, all my meals were pre-packaged, and the chocolate desserts were excellent. The only downfall I had was the taste of the food. The pastas all tasted the same weather it was meatloaf or stroganhoff. I was eating different foods, but they all had the same taste. The chicken breast and the hamburgers, which I ordered the most of, were just disgusting.

My favorite Nutrisystem meal was probably the scrambled eggs. I would mix in some ham or mushrooms and make it into an omelet. When the scrambled eggs were cooked in a microwave though, they weren't as good.

My recommendation: Nutrisystem is not a bad program to stick with, but it does get a little monotonous. Just make sure you order the foods you like instead of letting Nutrisystem select for you.

3. Bistro M.D.

Bistro M.D. is by far my favorite program so far. The meals take a little more time to prepare because they are cooked by chefs and then frozen. The taste and quality are well worth it. I couldn't believe the portion size. After coming off of other diet plans I wasn't expecting to be able to eat that much food. Bistro M.D. is one program that I haven't gotten tired of because they change their menus every week. It is like eating out at a restaurant every day. I have been with Bistro M.D. now for almost two months and the results are amazing.

I feel that Bistro M.D. is the perfect diet solution for people who need to lose weight and keep it off. The system addresses all my issues I had with other diets such as convenience, taste, support, and variety.

My recommendation: You owe it to yourself to try Bistro M.D. This is what dieting is suppose to be like. If you are struggling to find a quality diet program, try Bistro M.D.

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