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Metabolism and Weight Control

Middle Aged Metabolism and Weight Control

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As I was lying on the ground the other day, having slipped on the ice while walking our beloved pet, I was wondering yet again about this whole "new middle age" idea. I was lying there thinking "if I was in my 30's, would I really be thinking about calling my husband and asking him to pick me up, because my back hurt? Or would I simply get my 30+ year old body up and keep walking?"

What I finally did was pick up my 50+ year old body and kept walking, but it was at a much slower pace.

This whole idea of my 50's being more like being in my 30's intrigues me. In a number of ways, many of us 50-ish folks are healthier that than our parents were at our age. Our access to health care, for many of us, is much better, so medically we can take better care of ourselves. The concept of "personal trainer" was unheard of twenty-five years ago, as was the idea of belonging to a gym. Making time for a daily walk wasn't even on the agenda for many people.

We are lucky, though, because so many of us are able to include these benefits into our lives, allowing us to be a much healthier generation.

However, some things haven't changed. As we age, our metabolism still slows down, which is why we tend to gain weight as we age. Metabolism refers to the rate at which the body burns calories. There are many factors affecting what is called our "metabolic rate," including height (tall people burn more calories than short folks), fasting (that's why skipping meals is not a good way to lose weight-your metabolism slows down) and temperature. In colder temperatures, our bodies need to burn more calories to stay warm. I suppose one way to lose weight would be to run around naked in the cold. However, I'm not sure how long this "diet" would last before your neighbors call the police.

The point is that we cannot control many of the factors affecting our metabolic rate, including age (young, middle or old). 

The light at the end of the tunnel, though, is activity. When you are active, you're body can build muscle. Muscle is referred to as a more metabolically active tissue because it takes more calories to maintain muscle than to maintain fat. Fat is a lazy tissue, and can get along without any help on our part. But muscle? There's a different story. Muscles use more calories to do their job, so the more muscles you build, the more calories your body uses. And that's why, as we age, we need to stay active. We need to build our muscles, and maintain them to keep weight off. Walking is one important activity I rely on to keep my metabolism up. Others enjoy lifting weights. As long as you have worked with an experienced trainer making sure you don't injure yourself, increased muscle mass is definitely a benefit of this activity. Activity keeps your metabolic rate high, increasing the calories you burn, and helping prevent that fat tissue from growing.

So whether you are lying on the ice wondering how to get up, or stuck in a couch wondering how to get out, think about staying active. It's the activity that will make moving around (and preventing weight gain) a lot easier-at any age.

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Why You Need To Boost Metabolism For Better Weight Loss Result?

Weight loss occurs when the body can burn off more calories in a day than it consumes. This is affected by two factors: how much a person consumes in a day, and how active the metabolism is at breaking down and burning off calories.

For this reason, it is obvious how important it is to boost the metabolism and keep it running at a healthy, efficient level so that you can help your own body to burn off as many calories as possible and result in the highest maximum weight loss attainable in a healthy manner.

In order to better understand how this occurs, one must first understand how the metabolism works. The metabolism breaks down food and nutrients to be used by the body. When not eating, whether you are exercising, sleeping, or even being lazy, the metabolism is still working and burning off whatever is available, whether it be recently consumed food or stored fat, in order to keep the body running.

Quite obviously, a more active metabolism, spurned by exercise and healthy eating, will result in more fat being burned throughout the day in order to keep the body running smoothly which will result in healthy weight loss in the long run.

Many believe that herbs or fat loss pills are the key to burning fat, but this simply isn�t the truth. In most cases, these alternatives will result in only minimal results and can be damaging to the body when abused. These methods are seen as �easy-outs,� but when burning fat is issue, there is no such thing as an easy-out.

Studies have proven that there is really only one way to lose weight in a healthy way, and that involves the lengthy experience of having to pay attention to your diet (try to consume fewer calories and eat foods that boost the metabolism), drink more water (water keeps the body healthy and clean and also helps to keep the metabolism working at a smooth rate), and exercise daily in order to both burn off calories that way and to keep the heart pumping, which will result in both a boosted metabolism and healthier blood levels.

These factors combine to clearly show why boosting the metabolism is such a proven weight loss method. Time and time again it has been shown that boosting metabolism, combined with a healthy diet, will result in weight loss simply due to the fact that the metabolism will constantly be working behind the scenes and will constantly be burning off excess fat in order to keep the body working smoothly. Therefore, boosting your metabolism will result in both a better looking as well as a healthier body.

Now the challenge is how to boost metabolism?

Nutrition is one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy metabolism rate, along with hydration and physical activity. Simply put, no matter how much exercising you do, if you aren�t eating right then you aren�t going to see results. At the same time, eating right doesn�t just mean watching your calories.

Certain foods are known for keeping the metabolism working at a high level. Complex carbohydrates and fiber, for instance, which can be found in oatmeal, whole grain cereal, and milk every morning at breakfast, are known for keeping insulin levels low after eating.

Exercise plays a major role in boosting the metabolism and being able to burn of calories and undesired fat. There are quite a few suggestions for what exercises to focus on, how often to exercise, and when to exercise. In many cases, just doing anything is helpful but doing the right exercises will help to maximize a boosted metabolism.

Should you take diet supplements?

When dieting and eating the right metabolism boosting foods isn�t doing the job fully, there are plenty of healthy metabolism boosting supplements that can be sought out. It is important to pay close attention when looking for supplements, however, as many common �diet pills� and �miracle pills� will simply never work.

Much of what is advertised is completely falsified and it is important not to buy into these quick fixes. Rather, it can be both very helpful and healthy to find certain supplements which will help to boost the metabolism and increase the amount of calories burned each day naturally.

There are few supplements seems to be effective in boosting metabolism; for example Xerisan ASA diet pill. According to some source Xerisan ASA is one of the most effective and natural metabolism boosting pills though it looks expensive.

My conclusion?

Do your homework before you decide to buy any pills.

About the Author

Mahesh Bhat is fitness expert and publisher of several health, fitness and weight loss related information site. Learn how to lose 10 pounds quickly by visiting Weight Loss Review site.

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Diet Sabotage and Diet To Lose Weight These Days

Diet Sabotage - it's far too common these days. If you find yourself asking - Why can't I lose weight. - chances are you may be suffering from one of these common diet sabotage traps: 1) Embarrassment - Admitting that you're trying to lose weight is an embarrassing thing for many people. They feel too ashamed to go to the gym or walk into a well-known weight loss clinics. In our society, it seems like being heavy is a cardinal sin

Why Can't I Lose Weight? 3 Common Diet Sabotage Traps

By Vienna Miller

Diet Sabotage - it's far too common these days. If you find yourself asking - Why can't I lose weight? - chances are you may be suffering from one of these common diet sabotage traps:

1) Embarrassment - Admitting that you're trying to lose weight is an embarrassing thing for many people. They feel too ashamed to go to the gym or walk into a well-known weight loss clinics.

In our society, it seems like being heavy is a cardinal sin. If you're not stick thin, there's something wrong with you. Ridiculous. People who are overweight are not lazy nor do they lack self control - however the odds are stacked against them. Huge portion sizes, high stress lives, jobs where you sit for hours, and food advertising shoved in your face 24-7. It's a wonder everyone isn't overweight.

Being overweight is nothing to be ashamed over. However if you are embarrassed to lose weight in front of others, don't let that stop you from slimming down. Lots of people lose weight without joining a gym or seeing a weight loss counsellor. Many people do it in the comfort of their own homes. They either start a diet plan quietly on their own or order from a diet meal delivery service. Some even buy their own fitness equipment and work out behind closed doors.

Remember, there's nothing to be embarrassed about when you're losing weight. You should be commended for trying to change for the better. But if you do feel more comfortable keeping it under wraps, you should. You have lots of options that let you lose weight in the comfort of your own home. Just don't allow embarrassment to be a diet sabotage and stop you from reaching your goal.

2) Lack of Time - One of the best things I ever heard a nutritionist say is that losing weight takes extra time and energy. Seems simple, yet no one does it. Lack of time is probably the number one diet sabotage for most people. In order to lose weight, you should be prepared to set aside some of your time and energy (especially at the beginning) to focus on this goal.

Any life change requires extra energy and time. When we're making other life changes like moving or having a baby, we expect this and we cut back accordingly on other things to make room for this change to our lives.

However most people don't apply this to dieting. They think they should be able to lose weight on the side as they go about their busy lives. Then they beat themselves up when they don't get the results they want.

If you're serious about losing weight, be prepared to set aside some time and energy for this task - whether that's cancelling an appointment so you can exercise, or getting up a bit earlier so you can prepare a day of healthy meals. Whatever it is, you can reap amazing results when you set aside extra time and energy to achieve the body you want.

3) Wishing Vs Planning - This is a huge diet sabotager that no one talks about. Most of us who want to lose weight have spent a lot of time wishing we were thinner. We go about the day hoping that extra piece of cake won't show up on our hips or that the salad we ate for lunch will magically help us lose 5 pounds by Saturday.

While there's nothing wrong with wishing, there is a big difference in wishing vs planning. Wishing means you just hope you lose weight - you might even make some half-hearted efforts to cut back on portions or eat a salad or two.

Planning means you make a commitment. You decide that you're going to make a change in your eating habits in order to achieve your goal - no 'ifs', 'ands', or 'buts'. Committing to lose weight means taking action. Wishing means you do nothing but still hope it will happen 'someday'.

Losing weight is not rocket science and most people of average health can do it. However, like any goal, you have to commit to it and work every day to achieve it. This is one of the biggest obstacles to losing weight.

Most people don't realize that there's a difference between wishing and planning or committing. If you're truly committed you will take the necessary steps day by day to achieve your goal. You may not lose weight overnight but you will lose weight over the long term. And in the process, you will have built up valuable skills that you'll need to keep you slim once you do achieve your goal.

So there they are - the 3 most common diet sabotagers. Ask yourself if any of these obstacles are hindering you from losing weight. If they are, address them and move on. You can lose weight when you decide that nothing is going to stop you from living your dreams.

About the Author: Vienna Miller writes for Diet Delivery reviews - a site offering in-depth reviews of Delivery Diet services. For more information including which services offer free meals & deliver to your area, visit the Diet Delivery Service page.

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Lot Of People Diet To Lose Weight These Days


When we chose to change our eating habits, we usually diet to lose weight. Sometimes we may have health issues, such as high cholesterol, which is what leads us to eat healthier.

Often times we diet to lose weight because as we are overweight and realize that our eating habits may have gotten in this predicament to begin with.

It is possible to just exercise and lose weight, but sooner or later the person will not lose any more weight without changing eating habits as well. Most of the time it is the other way around; people diet, that is they count carbohydrates, fat grams, or calories, somehow limiting their food intake to reach weight loss goals.

Even though every source you read on diet to lose weight encourages combining the diet plan with exercise, not everyone does this right away. Of course, it is ideal to diet and exercise from the beginning of a diet plan, some people may feel overwhelmed by taking on too much change at once, if exercise has not been a part of their life.

There are quite a few online support sites to visit, that have a multitude of information for anyone looking to diet to lose weight. Some diets work better for some than others, for instance, the Atkins diet required quite a drastic cut in carbohydrates, which may not be an appropriate diet to lose weight for everyone.

The South Beach Diet is a popular diet to lose weight because it allows dieters to eat many of the foods they eat anyway and is not quite as restrictive as others. There are also weight loss systems such as Jenny Craig, the LA Weight Loss Center, or Curves for Women.

All of these programs are great and offer a good deal of support for anyone who wants to diet to lose weight. Exercise is encouraged, and for the Curves for Women plan, it is the central part of the program.

When you do decide to diet to lose weight, be sure you visit with your healthcare provider first before beginning your program, especially if you have quite a bit of weight to lose, or if you have health issues that may be of concern. Exercise should not be contraindicated for anyone and can be tailored for each individual dieter�s specific needs.

You diet to lose weight, but you must also incorporate exercise into your plan. You will gain greater health, and also be able to maintain your diet and fitness goals.

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