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Diet Pills The Side Effects

Diet pills or often perceived to be a quick solution to a long term problem. A quick solution often covers up deeper underlying problems, without really addressing the real issues that are involved. Diet pills can fall into this category. Taking diet pills will cover up the fact that you may be living an unhealthy lifestyle, and just taking pills to hide that lifestyle is not a long term solution. Apart from this diet pills can often have severe side effects, which may go far beyond the problems that you may have with weight issues.

Diet pills do have a place in losing weight, but they should only be taken by people who are seriously overweight, and when their health is in more danger because of excessive weight compared to the potential side effects of diet pills. People who are not clinically obese, but are around thirty or forty pounds over weight should avoid diet pills and instead turn towards changing to a healthier diet and a good exercise program. Taking diet pills could potentially give you more health problems than the excessive weight that you may carry does.

Some of the side effects can include:

Hair loss, high blood pressure, heart attack, strokes, headaches, insomnia, dehydration, dizziness, hyperactivity, and a multitude of digestive problems.

As you can see, a quick fix can often have major draw backs. One of the biggest issues of diet pills is that they are not legally required to be regulated as many are classed as supplements. The only time a regulatory body will intervene is when any particular pill has proved to be dangerous and has had regular negative effects on the people that have used them. However that will not really help the people that suffered form the side effects from the diet pill or died from it.

Another problem is that the people who market diet pills often make ludicrous claims and promises in their sales literature. Often these claims regardless how fantastic, are going to appeal to people who desperately want to lose weight. The warnings about side effects have to be displayed, but are often hidden somewhere on the packaging or on a leaflet in very small writing. This is done because manufactures want people's main focus to be on the possible benefits, and not on the potentially dangerous side effects.

If you carefully read all the writing on the way diet pills are marketed, you will actually see that the manufactures don't actually promise or guarantee any results. The way the words are written make you believe that they are promising results. You will find statements along the lines of 'may help you lose weight' or 'could help you to reduce weight'. What this means is that their product may help you lose weight or it may not. 'May' and 'could' do not really mean anything. This way the manufactures of diet pills are absolved of any responsibility whether their products will work or not.

If you do decide to take diet pills, think very carefully of the side effects, because many of them can be dangerous and some may even cost you your life. Always consult a medical practitioner before taking any diet pills. Learn if the benefits you may receive will be more advantageous than the possible side effects you may encounter. The question you need to ask yourself is that will it be worth taking diet pills and potentially endangering your health further, or is it going to be healthier and more effective to lose weight through exercising and a good diet, which have no dangerous side effects. It's your decision!

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Healthy Weight Loss For Pregnant Woman

By Shabi Guptha

To achieve a healthy weight loss is not an impossibility, even after you have had a baby. In fact, it is quite simple to achieve a healthy weight loss at any point in your life, it just takes a little time, effort, and dedication on your part, along with some common sense of course. Oh, and the willingness to follow through on your weight loss scheme.

The best way to begin your healthy weight loss plan, especially if you have only recently had a baby, is to begin by consulting your doctor about the best plan for you to lose weight in a healthy manner. And if you are breastfeeding, you will want to keep to a sensible eating plan so that you don’t upset the natural balance of things.

A healthy weight loss plan is a must if you want to be able to function properly. To formulate one therefore should be your first priority.

It might sound a little daunting at first, to formulate your own healthy weight loss plan, but it is not an impossibility and it can be done. The most important factor that you need when you are doing this, is commonsense. Really.

With a little commonsense on your side, you can stop yourself from going over to the edge and working up a weight loss plan that is biased in favor of one type of food group and that stays strictly away from another food group.

Has anyone taken a look at the food pyramid lately? Does it look biased to you? It pretty much has just about all that you could want to know about the various food groups and in what quantities you will need them. This is actually a good place for you to start formulating your very own, personalized healthy weight loss plan.

And if you notice on this new food pyramid, you will also notice that an extra facet of the pyramid has been revealed to us, that of exercise. Any healthy weight loss plan that you formulate should ideally have some type of exercise included within it, because weight loss by reducing food intake alone, will take longer than if you included some exercise into it.

So go the distance and include exercise into your healthy weight loss plans. Before you go the distance however, or before you begin to do anything strenuous, you might first want to consult with your doctor about what type of exercise is good for you, and when you should ideally begin to exercise in earnest.

And remember, when it seems like you are taking too long to lose weight, or when your post pregnancy stomach seems to be getting the better of you, the best thing that you can do for yourself, is to take things slowly and have a healthy weight loss system in place, instead of one that might give you problems later on.

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