Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Weightloss Tips That Won't Leave You Hungry

There is a great deal of conflicting information around regarding weightloss which makes this a difficult project to tackle

In the United States alone more than $30 billion is spent every year on diet programs and related products. Vast numbers of publications, so called experts, and even medical doctors all promote one diet scheme or another. The net result is that most people simply don't know who or what they should believe.

Attaining a reasonable weight level is most important because excess weight is known to be a risk factor in diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and arthritis. It is however very important to understand that whatever your reasons for losing weight might be - looking good, athletic and sports performance, or family pressure - that you really must be careful not to take off too much weight.

If you lose too much weight this could cause health problems, due to excessive weight loss, and can increrase the risk of early death also.

There are a number of safe, very effective, medically approved weight loss techniques.

1.Keep a count of and reduce the calories which you consume and increase the amount of your daily exercise.

2.Raw fruits of all kinds as well as nuts and vegetables(cooked or raw) are low in total calories and very high in essential nutrients.

3. You must be certain to stay away from high calorie foods which you already know are bad for you. A good example would be sodas,sugary desserts and ice cream.

4.You must not drastically cut calories immediately. Your body will have difficulty with the sudden drop. Reduce your high calorie foods gradually and this will avoid unwelcome metabolic surprises.

5.It is not a good idea to eat a big meal just before sleeping either in the daytime or at night. Your body does not burn up calories while you are sleeping.They will be stored as fat.

6.Drink plenty of water and be sure to get outside for sunshine and fresh air. Get as much as possible of your nutrients from raw fruit sources or veggie based smoothies and salads.

7.It is generally agreed by most nutritionists that the only sure weightloss method is to cut calorie intake and increase calorie expenditure. Put very simply, you need to get more exercise and to eat less food.

8. Replace fat loaded sauces and salad toppings with lime or lemon juice, salsa, soy sauce, or spices.

9.Eating several smaller meals during the day,to avoid hunger,is an excellent idea. You can eat 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 larger ones.

10. You must cut out, or reduce as far as possible, simple carbs and eat complex carbohydrates such as wild rice, beans and all kinds of nuts.

There are some excellent new scientifically proven diet plans available now which incorporate these principles. You can eat the foods you like by selecting your own menu and you can lose as much as 9 lbs every 11 days. After which you can come off the diet for several days then go back to it to lose another 9 lbs,as many times as you want to,until you attain your target weight.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lose Weight Get Fit Quickly!

It's the best day ever. Your dreams have all come true. The sun is bright and warm and you are surrounded by all the people you love. It's your wedding day and the future is so bright you have to wear shades. That was then and things have changed just a bit today after 25 years of blissful marriage. Both of you have gained a few and now have decided that it is time to lose weight and get fit and do it quickly.

That's a pretty tall order don't you think? Who has the time or the patience for something like that?

So you mean to say we have to spend hours at the gym after a long hard day at the office? We're alreeady wiped out and now we're supposed to work out?

I am in no mood to look like a big fat overweight fool who knows nothing about working out and least of all how to work those fancy machines in the gym.

Besides to lose weight and get fit it will probably involve eating a bunch of new foods we don't like. Not only that they are all costly and will make us broke in just a few short trips to the grocery store.

I could probably do this by myself but now we are expected to do this as a couple? Give me a break.

I think we should be looking for solutions that will be helpful for us. It would be great to just be able to follow some easy instructions or exercises and a diet plan and be able to lose weight and get fit in no time at all.

Imagine coming home after work and being able to look at a meal plan all laid out for you to follow. A great meal that is healthy, nutritious, easy to prepare and yes it even tastes good.

Looking at the meal plan you can see you are getting everything you need to help build your immune system, gain tons of energy for those extra activities married couples do, plus you know you can't help but lose weight with this plan. It is a winner.

Just think of doing this with your spouse. It will be great. You'll be succeeding and accomplishing this together. You can push and encourage each other through the tough times and celebrate all the little victories together as well.

But wait a minute. Eating the right foods is just part of this new get fit program you are on.

To lose weight you must also have a great exercise program for the both of you. Head out to the gym with your manual in hand and with confidence ask for a quick tour of the facility and a lesson on how to work the equipment properly. You are no longer embarrassed, but feel confident you can do this together.

Well now that we are here and the tour is over open the book and begin the workout just as it is laid out for you to follow.

It's all there, even pictures as to how to do the exercise right. This book is great. It even gives tips on technique so as to keep from getting injured. Your spouse is psyched and you have found new purpose in life.

Doing this program together will strengthen you relationship and create a new closeness and a lifestyle that will do you good in the weeks, months and years to come.

This is the best way to lose weight and get fit the easy way. You are bound to get results because neither one of you will let the other go off course. You will keep each other accountable and the results will follow.

You have now both gotten a brand new lease on life. You're both losing weight, getting stronger and gaining a well toned firm body you are both proud of and you have energy to spare.

This takes us back to our wedding day when all was perfect and once again the future looks bright and full of happiness, joy and fulfillment.

If you would like to achieve the results written about here you need to take action now to lose weight get fit and get your life with your spouse back to the days of fun, happiness and spontaneous energy. Take action for quick results click here http://www.lose-weight-get-fit-for-couples.com

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Is Hoodia?

By Eric James

What is the Hoodia Diet?

So you are looking into trying a new trendy diet? I mean there are tons of them out there to chose from, right? There aren't many that haven't been tried. Well this one you may not have even heard of. How does cactus sound for a diet? This new product called Hoodia is appetite suppressant.

They say that it is not the tastiest of choices. It looks like a cucumber and grows in dry heat. They also say that it can take as much as five to seven years before it can truly develop. This plant actually grows in Africa in the Kalahari desert. Also it grows in Botswana, Namibia and Angola.

In ancient days they would peel the plant and eat it to curb your appetite. There are about twenty different kinds of Hoodia Gordonii plants. Significantly enough there is a small molecule that actually makes this seemingly legit. With all of the diets going on, who knows? You always must be skeptical when trying these diets. They are always so wishy washy and are good about making you feel like you are really going to lose the weight.

It is found in a diet pill called Trimspa and can come in the form of a capsule, powder, liquid and even tea. Pfizer bought it in 1998 for 21 million. If you are willing to give it a go, you may or may not get results that you want.

Weigh all of the pro's and con's about it. How much does it cost? Are there others who have tried it and gained results by it? Look for testimonies and the results of others. You have a right to be skeptical. There is a lot of hoopla going on about these diets and you could very well be wasting not only your time but your money as well.

Sometimes going natural is the best thing to do. Do you want to suppress hunger? There are all sorts of pills and potions out there that will suppress your hunger. That should give you something to ponder. I mean they say don't knock it until you try it. I say be skeptical. It's your health and your money!

This is not to say that Hoodia will not work. Far from that, many people around the world have used Hoodia to help appetite suppression and lost weight. The key to all this however is to realise that a good exercise and diet plan in also a big part of the puzzle. Most people hate calorie counting as it can get very cumbersome and as a result give in to their hunger.

If you decide to take Hoodia, you should consult your doctor, just like if you started any other medication. There are no studies to show that Hoodia has side effects but you can never take too many precautions. It is also important to point out that pregnant women should not take Hoodia. Be sure to check out more articles about hoodia on the website listed below.

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