Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diet For Fast Weight Loss - How Cheating Can Give You Fast Weight Loss

By Dr. Becky Gillaspy

A diet for fast weight loss used to mean starving yourself and seeing how long you could take it but not anymore! New research into the way your hormones handle fat loss as well as real life weight loss success stories are showing that the best way to lose weight rapidly is to cheat on a regular basis!

Since we all know that weight is gained due to eating too many calories then it seems logical that reducing your calorie intake will cause your body to lose weight and this is true...up to a point. However, if you restrict your calorie intake too severely your body will actually slow and practically stop fat loss. You can be eating 500 calories fewer than your body needs each day and not lose one ounce of fat.

Here's what happens?

Your body has hormones that act as watchmen. One hormone in particular called leptin takes on the responsibility of watching for drops in the amount of food your body takes in. When it notices that your food intake has dropped it sends a signal to the brain which sets off an alarm warning that something is wrong and you are not eating enough.

Now leptin thinks it is doing the right thing because it's main concern is keeping you alive and not allowing you to starve to death. Leptin can not tell that you are voluntarily restricting your calories so it sets off the alarm. Once this alarm signal is detected your body goes into protective mode, it slams down your metabolism so you no longer lose your stored energy reserves, i.e. fat. And if that isn't bad enough it also increases your cravings hoping to force you to eat more!

Can you see now why a traditional diet for fast weight loss doesn't work?

There is a better solution and that is to outsmart your body by cheating. By strategically scheduling a "Cheat Day" every week into your diet plan you convince your body that it is not starving and your body responses by opening up your fat burning metabolism and quieting your cravings.

This is a dieting strategy whose time has come, it makes sense and it is backed by research. So if your goal is to diet for fast weight loss then I advice you to place a "Cheat Day" in your dieting week. If you would like to learn how to do this and create an effective weight loss plan for yourself, I highly recommend the work of Joel Marion and his program Cheat Your Way Thin. He has been teaching this method for years and has the success stories along with before and after photos to prove his approach works.

If you are interested in learning how a Cheat Day can speed up your weight loss, then check out Cheat Your Way Thin here you will find before and after pictures and links to the official site where you can learn about the eating strategies talked about in this article.

Dr. Becky Gillaspy is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Wellness Coach and Author helping clients reach and exceed their weight loss and fitness goals.

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