Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker's Sexy Slimdown Plan

By Melissa Larone

We all envied Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie in Sex in the City. She had the gossipy friends, the cute boyfriends, the hot social life but most of all the amazing toned body! I know I was frothing her body in the scenes where she was in underwear. I'm not some sort of lesbian, I like looking at girls with good bodies (my own personal thinspiration). After a sex in the city marathon I'd be hitting in the gym for about 2 hours.

So how did she do it? Well we do know she follows the South Beach Diet, but as always....we go a little deeper than that! I'm sure you want to know how many calories she eats, how she works out, any little secrets she might have. And yes of course you can find them here.

Do me a favor, don't just read it and think about it, if you are serious about making changes in your body, actually do it! Get up off your fat sorry ass and do something about it!

What Does Sarah Jessica Parker Eat?

The South Beach diet comes in three phases. In the phase one SJP eats the following for two weeks:

Lean meat, eggs, reduced-fat cheese, nuts, beans and plenty of vegetables.

BANNED FOODS: Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked products, fruit, lollies or sugar.

Here is an example of what she would eat in a day during this time:

Breakfast: Poached eggs with spinach + a glass of V8 Veggie Juice

Lunch: Tuna salad with low-fat fetta

Dinner: Chicken Breast or fish fillet baked in the oven with steamed vegetables.

Snacks: Nuts, celery sticks with low0fat cottage cheese. Water and herbal teas

How Does Sarah Jessica Parker Workout?

She says she does 'everyday exercise' and admits that she struggles to put on weight (I wish I had this problem!). Here is what the star says about her skinny frame "I'm always trying to put weight on." She added: "I'm an eater - and I love junk food. I'm going to wake up one day and I'll be triple my size and I'll say, 'Ha, the joke's on me!'". She can have some of my weight if she's that desperate.

If you would like more information on Sarah Jessica Parkers diet and exercise regime, then you can visit www.celebrity-diets.org or if you would like more information on what other celebrities are eating OR not eating for that matter then Click Here

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